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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Torture" doesn't yield results?

So why have we haven't had any followup attacks by the Muslims in the last 13 years? Just wondering.

Seriously, I take with a huge grain of salt any information coming out of DC via the MSM. We have a highly partisan Congress selectively doling out information to biased news organizations and we're supposed to take at face value anything we're told? It reminds me of an old joke supposedly making the rounds in Soviet Russia during the Cold War. Their two major news outlets were Pravda & Ivestia, words that mean "Truth" and "News".

Anyway the joke went that in Pravda there was no Ivestia and in Ivestia there was no Pravda. Lucky them, the Soviets only had two government mouthpieces to deal with.

Even if everything being screamed from the rooftops is ironclad fact, my reaction is "so what"?  Yeah it's a whole different ball game when you're the one being water boarded, I got that. I also roger up that Catholic teaching expressly forbids torture, got that one too.

But one thing I've consistently had trouble wrapping my mind around is how does refraining from certain practices that result in saving innocent lives constitute Christian practice? Do we then view any lives saved due to "torture" as fruit of a forbidden tree? Do we consider those innocents saved from extinction to be somewhat morally flawed? How many lives of innocent civilians are acceptable to be lost if we refrain from "torture", is it fifty, a hundred, how about an entire metropolis?

I'm just a retired submarine mechanic who feels the people should know whats done in their name for their safety. For that reason I'm glad the results of the investigation are starting to see light. Don't bother me with analogies such as the popular one regarding making sausage, i.e. everyone likes the result but no one wants knowledge of how you get it. If we need strong stomachs when presented the information than so be it. But lets own up to being damned glad of any positive results from these practices and lets protect the ones working in our names. They deserve that much loyalty.

As it stands now I've no doubt we'll see a parade of sacrificial lambs led to the bloodied altar of political correctness and hypocritical self righteousness.

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