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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Dissing the cops and consequences thereof.

Watching the steady parade of race hustlers run their yaps about Ferguson and NYC brings to mind the 70's and the hollow military we had then.

For anyone reading this who might be unfamiliar with the term, "hollow military" refers to the post Viet Nam military. It was when the armed forces were often held up for contempt and ridicule in popular entertainment, the MSM and even on the floors of Congress, where one Representative who was pushing for reduction in military pay & benefits contemptuously opined, "...they can vote with their feet if they don't like it." when told of the inevitable detriment to morale his actions would have.

"Vote with their feet" is exactly what many good men did back in those days. Whether they couldn't support their families properly, didn't like being treated as second class citizens or they just got fed up with being portrayed in a bad light, many just left. Some of them ended their service well after the ten year mark, the point at which it's often assumed if you go past it you're making the service a career.

Consequently we had undermanned boats which often had crew members that were in the Navy because they couldn't cut the mustard in civilian life. There weren't TOO many men like that, just more than we'd had in times immediately prior and after that interesting decade. In many minds there was the feeling if war broke out we'd be getting our butts kicked from here till breakfast until a draft was instituted and the nation played "catch up" as had happened initially after Pearl Harbor was bombed.

So how does this tie into the denigration of our nation's police in general and specific spots like Ferguson & NYC in particular? Stay with me please, I'll try explaining.

If our nation's police keep getting slammed you can bet there will eventually be an exodus of a lot of qualified men and women. Their places will be filled all too often (after the recruiting standards are lowered) by less than optimum candidates. There will also be a fair number of police departments undermanned and it won't be coincidence that they'll be the ones in the worst areas experiencing crime.

Therefore crime will increase, John & Joan Q. Public will avail themselves of their 2nd Amendment rights, corruption will increase with the attendant increase in bad press from the MSM, vigilante committees will begin cropping up in various hot spots.

We'll either get a national police force (not a good idea, I'll explain in a bit) or we'll descend into permanent chaos, much like out national neighbor to the immediate south of the border.

The idea of a national police force, controlled from D.C. would be bad due to a few factors: A) With such an entity local problems don't get solved locally, they get taken care of by some desk jockey hundreds of miles away from the problem. How effective has that ever proven in other areas? B) Inevitably the members of a national force will be shuffled around, the idea of a local cop who grew up in the same part of the state he presently works in will die off. Along with the end of that locally rooted cop goes a lot of empathy on both his part and that of the local populace for him. C) A national police force is just a bit too much like an occupying army, for proof of that look to Spain under Franco when the Guardia Civil kept firm control of the nation. It wasn't pleasant, at least according to the locals I spoke with at that time.

So it's time for the American people to take a collective deep breath, step back a bit and think of where we're heading. It's time to shut down the professional scaremongers that fan the fires of popular indignation every time some dumbass commits suicide by cop.

Because unlike a "hollow military" where all problems with it are a bit removed from the public eye, a nationwide plague of "hollow police departments" will have immediate and very evident effects.

And it won't be pretty.

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