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Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson, illegal aliens, the New Black Panthers and whatever else comes to mind.

Am I the only one who notices how the Administration's allies (MSM) exerted themselves to keep Ferguson on the front burner until the last few days? Plus how this story came out shortly after it was noticed that by de facto amnesty on the part of the White House & Co., many blacks will find the job market even more hostile? That more than one group of prominent blacks was starting to complain about it? Several bloggers have pointed out the lack of coverage regarding black on black crime (Chicago for example) in favor of one selected incident in an obscure town of the Deep South. Gee, what a coincidence.

I think a lot of folks are getting played on this one. Now our Dear Leader will regain the support he may have lost in the black community due to our porous borders and their effect on the poorest of our nation.

As for the New Black Panthers and their presence, can anyone recall any time when these fools did more than pose for the cameras? Seriously, this ain't Huey Newton's gang of thugs. What we're seeing now are a bunch of self important blowhards allowed time on the camera. Kind of like the fools of "Occupy" only with braids. But they DO serve to ramp up the rhetoric at a time when keeping the Ferguson story front and center in the public eye works to the advantage of Dear Leader. Ergo nobody is even thinking of having their butts removed in order to bring some peace and quiet to the town.

The whole damned thing is cheap theater built upon a routine encounter by a dumb felon with the law. Honest, just how often is the same thing happening throughout our nation? C'mon, five gets you ten some dopes committed suicide by cop in several cities since this story hit the news. It happened with white crooks or black crooks, against white or black cops. But we ain't hearing die diddle squat because the realization of how pathetically common it is that stupid punks get themselves killed by the police would only quell the outrage being stoked by the MSM.

We still have two and a half years of this Administration, that's IF some crisis doesn't happen necessitating the imposition of martial law before January of 2017. I don't want to know how much worse things will get, but I believe we're going to find out. Our collective ass is grass and somebody is revving up a power mower.

God's will be done, may He have mercy on us all.

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