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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Things I obsess about at oh dark thirty

So first out of the box comes a story about some kid getting busted for writing how he killed a dinosaur. What, is Fred Flintstone his principal? Here's the link:

Please note this happened in South Carolina, not exactly known as a hotbed for liberal thinking.

There must be something in the water, lowering the national intelligence in all states. I'd like to say this story is an anomaly but we all know different. For example, theres another story about a kid in North Carolina getting in trouble for saying, "Bless You" when a classmate sneezed. Another story out of Tennessee about a middle school teacher having her class reenact the shooting in Ferguson, MO.

I see kids are no longer able to sell snacks at school since they don't meet the federal guidelines for healthy foods, hell in some schools they can't even bring them in to celebrate a birthday! This was brought about by legislation pushed by our dear First Lady. Who the hell elected her for anything anyway?

But the kids are getting well taught in how to place condoms on bananas. Life is all about priorities I guess.

I also see how an archbishop in Oklahoma is suing to stop a Black Mass using a consecrated Host. Lotsa luck your Excellency; I don't think it'll work. As has been noted by quite a few folks (many of them Protestants) discrimination against Catholics can count as the last allowed prejudice in our time.

Speaking of which, a couple who rent out their farm in New York for weddings and other events were successfully sued by a lesbian couple for not taking their business. Same old story, in this case we have a Catholic couple not wanting to seemingly endorse gay marriage. Funny thing, my copy of the Catechism bears them out. It doesn't matter though, they've got to pony up about 130 K plus attend diversity training/brainwashing/reeducation camp and pay for their employees to do the same. Right now they're weighing their options regarding appealing this crap. Thought crime will be stamped out no matter what and damn that pesky First Amendment!

Dear Leader has sent the nation's top cop to Ferguson. Upon arrival he immediately root smooched the black community, saying he basically felt their pain. I wonder if this nitwit knows he's a servant of ALL the people, not just those he chooses to suck up to prior to all the facts being known about an incident? Never mind, previous actions answer that question (dropping any action against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Pennsylvania comes to mind).

As for the international front, Dear Leader is busily addressing all problems (ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Russia & Ukraine, Central American children swarming our borders, etc.) from the front seat of a golf cart. Maybe we should count our blessings, if he went back to D.C. he might actually try doing something and then we'd REALLY have problems. He spends so much time on the links I have to wonder if his old lady isn't cheating on him. Seen it happen before, a cat don't stray if it's fed at home and just how often are those two together?

As far as him sneaking under the sheets with some honey, I really can't see it. Not that he wouldn't, he's just too stupid to pull off any deception.

That leads to my closing thought; we don't have a Manchurian Candidate in the Oval Office, he isn't a closet Muslim setting us up for the next caliphate, nor intentionally trying to foment racial strife nor actively work in accordance with ANY hidden agenda. Dear Leader is just a dumbass. Period. I don't think he could pour piss out of a boot without instructions on his teleprompter.

But if you want to see real "stupid", remember that a majority of voters placed him in office twice. THATS where the real stupidity kicks in.

Maybe there is something in the water, I wonder how it got there. Now it's getting really late and I'm ready for beddy-bye. Hopefully the world is still here when I wake up.

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THIS is depressing!!
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