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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prove you're the daddy, buster!

Oh this is rich:

I get interested in stories like this because, being an older father who looks more like my kids' grandfather, I identify with some of the crap that occasionally goes down for heterosexual couples "outside the norm". It was really a lot of fun when my wife and I were dating, more than once a waiter would start flirting with the wife in my presence. Pulling her close and delivering a big smooch always put a halt to things.

Since the birth of my kids it's almost routine to have sales clerks mention how cute it is to see a man with his grandkids. Noted. Haven't been stopped by any cops or security (yet). But you can't take anything for granted and every time one of my special needs darlings has a four star public meltdown I brace myself, expecting some dogooding buttinski to jump in and demand to know just who I am and what is my exact relation to the screaming angelic urchin in my grasp.

So I feel this guy's pain. Big time.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I had a similar incident about three years ago. I have four adopted sons (3 from Vietnam and 1 from Laos) who are all grown now with children of their own. When my oldest son was being transferred from to Dover Air Force Base from Mountain Home, he needed to find a house to rent, so he and his wife (who is also Vietnamese) sent their three kids to stay with my son's mother-in-law until he found a place. The mother-in-law lives four miles from me. My son told me that I could pick up the kids any time I wanted to take them fishing or out to a park. I could also keep them over night if I wished. Well, one Friday afternoon, I went a picked up my two grandsons to spend an evening of fishing and then I was going to take them to a movie that night. We stopped back at my apartment to pick up the new fishing poles I had bought for them. The first thing they did was take my dog for a walk, I was with them. We then went back to the apartment to get the poles, when two policemen showed up at my door and said they got a call saying that someone saw me bringing two young Asian boys into my apartment. I told them the boys were my grandsons and that I was taking them fishing. One of the cops asked me if I could prove they were my grandchildren. I said yes, but you prove they aren't. One of the boys came to the door and the cop asked him who I was and my grandson said that's gramps.

The police wanted to haul us all down to the police station, but I told them that unless they had a warrant for my arrest I wasn't going anywhere and neither were the boys. I gave them my son's mother-in-law's phone number and address and told them to contact her. I then closed and locked my door. and waited until they left before taking the boys fishing. I know the police did contact the boy's grandmother, but I never got any kind of apology.

Subvet said...

MRG, you have my respect and sympathy. This sort of idiocy must seem almost nonstop at times. You're a patient man, sir.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Subvet, I really have very little patients when it comes to stupidity, but when I know I am in the right, I can be one stubborn cuss.

Just encase I miss the day, I wish you a happy Father's Day.

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