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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why Catholic Church should sever all ties with the BSA.

Traditional morality is dead. Just being forced into discussing whether an organization such as the Boy Scouts should allow openly homosexual youth to join indicates that.

We've now reached a point where an adolescent's sexual preferences assume critical importance. Funny thing, back when I was a teen it was understood you still had a lot of maturing to do and sexual activity should wait until it was done. Even teens would (reluctantly) admit that. Now it seems children are viewed as miniature adults, their every desire and preference to be deemed as important and noteworthy as that of their parents. Wonder when my five year old daughter will get to vote?

But I'm getting off the topic.

I've read a few posts that state the Church should just take a wait and see attitude, that as long as openly advocating for the gay lifestyle isn't taking place it'll be a-okay.

Pardon me all over the place; HORSE FEATHERS!!

The Church should disassociate itself completely with the BSA in order to maintain a clarity in it's message that aberrant acts are gravely immoral. Not to do so sends a very clear message of it's own. That message is right in sync with our cultural mantra of: "I'm okay, you're okay, truth is relative and there are no absolutes in this life".

The sort of fence straddling encouraged by NOT clearly drawing a line in the sands of morality is all too common. It's resulted in garbage such as the "seamless garment" school of thought that holds all evil is equally bad, so if you come out for a higher minimum wage, more money for the poor and open borders you can safely ignore those pesky topics such as abortion. The same topics where adherence to the Catechism will make you downright unpopular with the more refined and intelligent folk of our society.

The Church has been hemorrhaging it's membership for decades, losing it to denominations and cults that actually require sacrifice and standing apart from the rotting cultural corpse of our time. If you don't believe me, go to your local Pentecostal church and find out how many former Catholics are there. Check out the local mosque for cradle Catholics. Go to a Mormon temple and see if any of the congregation were once "fish eaters".

You'll also find the same story in more mainline denominations that are decidedly counter cultural, the Southern Baptists come to mind on that one.

People intuitively know that the path to Heaven isn't an easy one. They know at an unconscious level that this life requires some sacrifice and self denial. So if they're handed nothing but pablum at the altar or in the confessional, they'll soon be hitting the highway. It won't matter that the fullness of Truth is found only in the Catholic Church. When the message is so distastefully saccharinated  that it loses all appeal it doesn't matter at all.

The Truth needs to be spoken boldly and with no apology. That Truth (in this particular example) is found in articles 2357, 2358 and 2359 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Briefly, we're told to reject homosexual behavior while accepting those with same sex attraction as fellow sinners and children of God.

The times of deciding whether we serve God or man are here. Fish or cut bait.


Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus said...

I agree completely and shared this on Facebook.

Subvet said...

Ioannes, if you liked this one I'm sure you'll really go for the post I put up today.

sig94 said...

While no longer a Catholic, I see the same rot in other denominations. Look at the Episcopal Church - oops - social club.

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