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God's will be done and may He have mercy upon us all.

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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thoughts on the early voting....

So here are a few items we've all probably come across lately;

1) Reports of voting machines in Nevada registering a vote for Obama when the voter actually pulled the lever for Romney. FWIW, the same story surfaced here in Texas and has been discounted by the GOP.

2) Reports of non-English speaking Somalis being bussed to the polls in Minnesota. Two guesses who they're supposedly voting for.

3) A polling place in Houston being taken over by the NAACP and their active campaigning for (who'd a thunk it?) Obama.

4) A voter in North Carolina making no secret that he's voted FIVE times already.

5). Various social media messages that say, in effect, if you don't vote for Obama your ass will be grass and his supporters are on a riding lawn mower.

I'm thinking that I've missed a couple but you got the point already. There don't seem to be any such stories regarding Romney supporters. For my money you can always bet there will be fire when you smell smoke.

Bottom line: I think Obama might pull off getting reelected. If he doesn't the ensuing unrest will be of historical proportions and NO I still don't believe it will be primarily a black/white thing. It'll be more an example of outraged liberals who live by the belief that the ends always justifies the means.

Should Romney win I hope theres a good security detail assigned to him and Paul Ryan. I'll stop there, this is enough of a "tinfoil hat" post as it is.

God's will be done and may He protect us all.

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Nunly said...

I did my part....went to Mass, said a rosary before it started, received Communion, and said a rosary afterward. Then I spent an hour in the Adoration Chapel praying that Mitt will be elected, along with the prayer that is written on my blog today.

I voted, but didn't know how hard it was going to be until I got there and realized I had to fill in little ovals with a black pen. Normally, this would not be a problem, but this year I have the side effect of meds that make my hands shake. Was thinking of asking if they would get a 2nd grader in to color between the lines for me. Sigh.

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THIS is depressing!!
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