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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

We're in the calm before the storm....

I voted at a bit after 8 this morning. Our small town had the polling station at the local high school, not too many folks there I was in and out inside of ten minutes. No biggie.

Now comes THE WAIT.

I fully expect Obama to win. He's gone the "bread and circus" route with much of his base, done his best to demonize the GOP, has the MSM in his pocket (though not as firmly as four years ago). His followers are of the "ends justifies the means" mindset, so anything is possible. If I'm correct, we're in for four more years like the last only a hell of a lot worse.

Should Romney win I hope he and Ryan have a good security detail. It's a long time until the end of January and I put absolutely nothing past the more fanatical followers of Obama. Those last two sentences may earn me a visit from the Feds, so be it. I'll bet I'm speaking what a lot of folks think.

But no matter who wins, we're in for a wild ride for the foreseeable future.

The nation has become so polarized it isn't funny. I don't ever recall some of the rhetoric being used that gets casually uttered now. So if Obama wins, we'll see the oppression of political and religious conservatives ratcheted up. Who knows what will happen after four more years of that? This Administration has tried to suppress the 2nd Amendment (Fast and Furious comes to mind here), the 1st Amendment (look how quickly Benghazi was blamed on a POS video while calls were made for censorship). His Administration is currently seeking to curtail religious freedom in the name of being politically correct. This same Administration works hand in glove with those favoring the slaughter of the unborn, the killing of the elderly & unfit, the termination of those deemed not to have a sufficently high "quality of life" as deemed by their standards. Four more years of Obama will see that sort of thing increased to an exponential degree. He and his cohort know that this is his last term as President IAW the Constitution, so the gloves will come off.

But if Romney wins there'll be violent blow back from the libs supporting The One. No, I absolutely DO NOT BELIEVE IT WILL BE A BLACK/WHITE CONFRONTATION! Believing that would naturally follow a defeat for Obama is knee-jerk, inexcusable racist thinking. FWIW, this is coming from a man who had his wife take a firearm to work every day after the last election, due to the fact she would be driving through some racially mixed areas of a nearby town. My point in the last sentence is that I'm not a starry eyed believer in the innate goodness of all mankind, I didn't grow up in a choir loft. Impugning an automatic uprising from many of the black citizens of this nation if Obama loses is just dumb. I'm beating this particular dead horse because it's damned irritating to continually read such idiocy from both sides of the political aisle every time I go to various sites lately. Okay, I'm almost done. Bear with me please.

The white supporters of Obama are more likely to riot IMO. If you have doubts, answer this question: During the 60's what group was more prone to actual violence, the Black Panthers of the Weathermen/Weather Underground?

Either way, no matter who has been declared the next President tomorrow, our nation is in for some real trouble. If Obama has four more years he'll use them to solidify the grasp on our nation's throat that will be held by those who hate traditional morality. Hell, he wouldn't even have to stay in power after 2016, all the effective opposition to the ideals held by him and his ilk will be nullified.

If Obama loses then those who despise traditional values will go into high gear to maintain what they've already achieved. Getting back to any of the values now deemed unacceptable will be almost impossible to achieve without fighting tooth & nail for it. In some cases that fighting will become literal.

Tomorrow starts a new era in this country's existence. It's gonna be rough.

May God's will be done and may He have mercy on all of us.


Old Bob said...

Subvet, I think you have nailed it. I am very pessimistic about the future no matter who wins.
It could be this nation is being chastised for the killing of 54-55 million babies, and it could be that we're in for more.
Lord have mercy on us!

Nunly said...

I live in Chicago (sorta)so black on white riots are a regular thing around here. Whatever excuse they can use, let the looting begin.


PS: I hate proving I'm not a robot because I can never read that shit they put on there, looks like something I read without my glasses on.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

SV, I must disageee with you about the black riot thing. Back criminal behavior has grown in the past few years. We, like Chicago, have had black riots here in Peoria. The Southside of Peoria is a very violent area, with a mrder being commited on the average of once a month. It would take very little effort for a gang leader or an unscrupulous politican or religious leader to turn the Peoria Southside into an inferno.

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