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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Obama as a Christ figure.

No, I don't think anyone seriously proposes him as a god. Nope.

But the references in that vein make me very uneasy. This is due to the way we see divinity cheapened. Let's face it, when the Roman Emperor was able to have himself venerated as a god do we really have to believe the man in the street was fully on board with that? Following along this same path, how much were the actual deities of Rome lessened by that?

Same thing now. We've already got a political party in power that had a real problem including mention of the Almighty in their platform, and it can be taken for granted this wasn't due to a lot of concern for possible blasphemy.

We're rapidly becoming a godless people, no I don't give a rat's ass for how many surveys claim we're actually devout. They're horseshit, plain and simple. We're becoming not only godless but God-mocking. That's a really bad road to be on and for those of us retaining some sense of reverence for Him it's a road leading to outright persecution and martyrdom.

Think I'm full of crap? I really hope I am. But too many people with a lot more experience and education that I really respect on this topic seem to sing the same tune I'm trying to come to grips with.

God's will be done and may He have mercy on us all.


Nunly said...

The problem is, I truly believe that Obama thinks he has some sort of divinity. There's not much you can do about the idiots who believe in Obama so much that they turn him into a god or a super hero. They must set their bar really low for a messiah figure.

Since going to daily Mass, I feel less irritated by these people than feel sorry for their ignorance. They have no idea what they are going to face after death, and I can only pray that God has mercy on their poor, pathetic souls.

Anonymous said...

They may not propose him as god, but they sure do propose Michael Jackson a god. Check out any Michael Jackson Youtube video comments. The wierdness is beyond weird. Sure, they're some crazy people out there, but the amount of comments that seem to sanctify Jackson is upsetting. What's upsetting about it is the fact that people have begun to place their love, adoration and trust in people we deem 'cool'. Why do you think we have this bizarre fascination with celebrities? We want their advice, love them even though we've never met them, call them wonderful people, want to look like them--will change things about ourselves to follow their footsteps, pay them millions...I mean seriously, their called idols. Obama isn't the only one who is looked at in an unhealthy diety-like manner. We have replaced God with not just objects and carnal actions buts people we deem's disturbing. Kyrie Eleison

Nunly said...

This world is so messed up, and you have no idea how hard it is to live with a family of Obots. I'm really the odd nun out....but at least I can hold my head high, for what that's worth.

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