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Friday, November 30, 2012

Our morals as crime

"Each generation has it's own perception of criminal behavior. What is rudeness to one age may be considered libel to another. The schoolmaster with a switch in the early 19th Century would in late 20th-Century American culture not only face dismissal but a costly lawsuit, if not criminal charges for assault if he beat a student who didn't prepare an assigned lesson. Almost every crime is, under some condition or some culture, not a crime."--Elof Axel Carlson author of "The Unfit"

I read that earlier today and BANG!! it immediately connected with me as concerns many things we now see. It's the truth, especially as regards the values of traditional morality currently under attack.

Take, for example, the issue of the HHS mandate requiring all employers not (narrowly) defined by Big Brother as being religiously affiliated to cover the cost of contraception and abortificants in their health insurance. How often is the debate framed as being between two differing opinions and how often as between good vs. evil? Look to how those who believe a woman should take care of her own damned self are vilified and castigated. Am I the only one who wonders why these purported victims of economic injustice won't just keep their legs together? Really, when did sex become a necessity? The last I heard only in some dumb jokes was "Lack-A-Nookie" considered a Hawaiian disease. A scant generation ago this whole thing would have been deemed ludicrous, now it's a major battle in our court system.

Or look at how gay "marriage" is morphing into a "right" that should be not only tolerated but promoted. Anyone not enthusiastically leaping aboard that particular bandwagon is automatically branded a "hater". The objections to endorsing the homosexual lifestyle are swept away as nothing more than bigotry and intentional cruelty towards the perceived victims of the moment. On a related note, why are sexual preferences so important? Do they make you more creative, compassionate, patriotic, etc.? It wasn't too long ago that it was incidental when considering the lives of the famous, such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. People like these were famous for what they did outside the privacy of their bedrooms. Now it seems that taking a ride down the Hershey Highway is on a par with finding a cure for cancer. It's insane, but show me where I'm wrong.

Nothing like rational debate as regards that topic, nothing like it at all. For that we would need BOTH sides to maintain a bit of civility. Ain't happening.

So where does this lead? That's the question I turn over quite often, the answer means a lot to me due to having three small children to raise and care for. THEY'RE the ones who will stand square in the cross hairs of whatever PC artillery is brought to bear on our culture.

Thinking on it, I'm sure we're now in the calm before the storm. The reelection of the most pro-abortion Chief Executive we've ever had was just a lead up to the chaos. He wasn't elected by much of a popular majority, but it WAS a majority. His stated beliefs and his party's platform are indicative of where an increasing amount of our nation's morality is founded.

So what's next?

IMO we'll see an upsurge in violent rhetoric AND actions against faithful Christians. As a Catholic I believe our Church is a leading target. We'll see acts of vandalism start breaking out, soon growing into a nationwide epidemic abetted and excused by many who call themselves "Catholic" but don't adhere to Church teaching. Thank you, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi (to name just two of a very large group).

The vandalism against Church property will soon carry over into actual physical attacks against the Faithful. It'll be a bad time for any school aged children to be wearing uniforms identifying them as Catholic. We can expect those requirements to go away from our schools soon. The schools themselves will be the sites of protests, I wouldn't be surprised if the Knights of Columbus are tasked with security duty at some.

Don't be taking your rosary or any other sacramental out in public, the resulting outcry will discourage that. Ditto for making the Sign of The Cross before praying over a public meal.

This will continue as hate crime legislation is introduced to muzzle any pulpit teachings not sufficiently PC. If you think that's a stretch, look to Canada. They've already seen court cases over homilies given during Mass. So far the Church has prevailed. So far.

Once again, a few decades ago this would have been a fantasy scenario. Not any more.

But I mentioned my concern for my children, theres more as concerns them.

Our current Culture of Death is advancing the cause of euthanasia for the severely handicapped and infirm. So far it's been tough going, but they're making progress. I wonder how long before the resistance to this fails and we're faced with legalized "mercy killing". Because it's just a hop, skip and jump from icing "Granny" in her coma to determining if others might be better off dead. How long before "quality of life" gets determined by some faceless bunch of chair warming bureaucrats?

Gee, almost sounds like "death panels", doesn't it? But we don't have those, not in the good ole US of A. Nope.

Don't. Bet. On. It.

My two oldest kids are autistic. They're high functioning, go to regular class at their school for a good portion of the day. So far nobody has said they'll be unable to receive any of the Sacraments, the older boy took his First Communion last May and now his brother is taking classes for that too. We hope they'll be independent at some point, they've got abilities in a few areas that make that possible. One is an erstwhile artist, the other is pretty sharp in mathematics. So we have some hopes, after all when you take a good look at people in general, "NORMAL" is just a setting on the dishwasher.

But I'm still damned worried.

What happens when it becomes more "economically responsible" to warehouse them rather than provide any services they require for independent living? What happens when even charity from their church or family is strongly discouraged in order to pursue a goal of "fiscal responsibility"? That's the tack I'd see the present Culture of Death going on, not one of racial purity or patriotic duty as has been done in other times and places. Making sure theres enough money for government support of the "poor" by shortchanging those with no real voice in the public square would be a real option.

I enclose the term "poor" in quotation marks because honestly, IMO we don't HAVE too many of them in this country. Not when those who are supposedly at an economic disadvantage are in the midst of an obesity "epidemic". I'm still trying to figure that one out also. Do people get up in the morning, go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and scream, "Honey, call the doctor! I've been bit by the fat bug!". I mean, really, isn't it self imposed? As an alcoholic I'm responsible for what might happen if I guzzle a couple of six packs, shouldn't the same reasoning apply if someone scarfs up a gallon or so of ice cream?

Anyway, to wrap this up I'll just say that we'll soon see the criminalization of many things once held dear. Catholics have had a good time of it for several decades. That's at an end. The persecution has begun.

See you in the reeducation camps, I'll be the fat (self imposed!) guy with a tattooed right forearm and lots of attitude. Once they let us out we can meet at the Chestnut Tree Cafe, drink our Victory Gin and sing praises to Big Brother. At least for a short while.


Anthony S. Layne said...

Your discussion of your two autistic kids really struck home, as my sister's middle boy has Aspberger's as well as being mentally challenged. The eugenicists were hardly done away with when the leading Nazis were convicted at Nuremberg; but now any attempt to compare them to the genetic cleansing attempts of the Third Reich is dismissed, as if the Nazis had merely gotten a couple things wrong in an otherwise good idea.

Subvet said...

Anthony, yeah. Kind of like the Left's love affair with socialism, according to them if Stalin & Mao had just fine tweeked things a bit we'd have seen a Workers Paradise here on Earth. Some folk will believe only what they want and all evidence to the contrary is worthless.

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