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Sunday, June 17, 2012

My two cents on various topics.

Obama giving amnesty to illegal aliens. Does anyone else sense some exploitation of the illegals here? I mean this effort to allow their residence is aimed primarily at the young, i.e. those in the black market work force. IMO El Presidente is trying to satisfy both the bleeding hearts who think we should have open borders AND Big Business. It seems pretty damned blatant to me, am I getting delusional? By the way, it does diddle-squat with helping John & Joan Q. Public get a job or send their own kids to college.

The military "celebrating" gay pride month. Why focus on someone's sexual preferences, especially in an organization that puts a premium on efficiency and success (if you think the $200 dollar toilet seats were excessive, let me tell you a few stories about private sector waste, fraud & abuse)? This whole thing is absurd and an effort by the top brass to do some serious butt smooching. As I've stated before, gays in the military existed long before Don't Ask, Don't Tell. If they did their damned job (most did) they were treated the same as the rest of us who kept our love lives out of the workplace. DADT set up this scenario, we're now seeing it come to fruition (no pun intended). After the Defense Of Marriage Act is repealed we'll see the same dog-and-pony show regarding the "celebration" of a very small minorities' sexual appetites. My final observation is the maintenance or imposition of ANY moral values via legislation is doomed to failure, it's first and always a battle fought in the schools and homes. Much of what we now see can be attributed to the faulty or nonexistent parenting by earlier generations, including the so-called "Greatest Generation".

Non coverage of religiously themed events. A hell of a lot of people don't know these things even happened. Thank God for the Internet and bloggers in it. Will it be enough to bring these issues to the forefront of public discourse? IMO the jury is still out on that one. God's will be done.

Arab Spring/Freedom's Winter. Stand by, we're going to have one hell of a lot of trouble erupting out of the Middle East, all of it courtesy of those who follow the Pedophile Prophet. Can 7th century Islam survive sustained contact with Western Civilization? At one time I felt it was almost a sure thing, given the tendency of Western Culture to screw itself. Now, I'm not so sure. But IMO both will be irrevocably changed and the how/wherefore is still to be determined.

Romney as President=Obama Lite. In other words, We The People are royally screwed no matter what happens in November. I'll still vote and it will probably be for Romney. But it never helps to rename rape as love.

Next question.

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Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

7th century Islam can survive sustained contact with the West if the West don't vigorously oppose it. Whenever we fought against it with all our might, we always beat the sons of the prophet.

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