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Saturday, July 31, 2010

$1 Million for Sheriff Joe's head...

That's right folks. There's a bounty out on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Found this via MAINFO . Here's the link;

So what will the Feds do about this? Will the US Marshals be mobilized to protect the sheriff in the same manner they were mobilized to protect abortion clinics after George Tiller was murdered? Will any protest be taken to the Mexican Government? Will border security in Arizona be beefed up? Will the MSM show the same attention here as when a Cambridge, MA. cop had a minor altercation with a black professor? Will those advocating on behalf of illegal aliens condemn this, since there is a tie in between the sheriff's enforcement of immigration laws and the cartel's bounty on him?

Sorry for the stupid questions. It's an old habit.


Jay said...

While we're not at war with Mexico, per se, we are at war with elements of the Mexican population and, we are being invaded, with the tacit approval of the Mexican government.

Meanwhile, states that take steps to deal with this (Arizona) are instead sued by our own Imperial Federal Government.

What the hell is wrong with this country?

Vigilis said...

The price of standing up, speaking truth, and showing the rest of the world how U.S. law enforcement can still be done is idle threats by anonymous cowards.

Boy, how I miss Ronald Reagan now.

WomanHonorThyself said...

not stupid questions ...stupid govt we now have! Have a super Sunday my friend!!!:)

Cookie..... said...

**Sigh**, good questions, and I think that unfortunately we all know the answers. I'm tell'n ya shipmate, we've all got to work hard to get out the vote this time around, and like I expound regularly, "Vote Principles, NOT Party!" The Republicans have done much harm to this country as the Dems (although maybe not as much).

Vote for charecter, ethics, honesty, common sense, good judgement and a belief system that has a place for a Higher Power (other than Allah). I know, I know, traits particularly hard to find in Democrats, but not unheard of.

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