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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Guns and fools

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (AP) - An Okaloosa Sheriff's deputy is on leave after shooting himself in the leg during a training exercise at a firing range. Miguel Rojas accidentally hit himself Tuesday when deputies were forced to use their less-dominant hand to shoot. The 35-year-old caught his finger in the trigger guard while trying to holster his gun. The bullet broke a small bone in Rojas' leg, but the injury didn't require surgery.

The department's chief deputy said Rojas is in good spirits, but won't get any relief from his co-workers for a while.

He is an eight-year sheriff's department veteran and a member of its Special Response Team.

This reminds me of my cousin Eugene, who started out as a transit cop in the NYC subway system, eventually retiring after about 30 years on the force.

There was one slow night at the subway station when Eugene was talking to his sergeant. The station was deserted (fortunately) so there was no one to object as Eugene idly cocked his .38, pulled the trigger while easing the hammer down with his thumb.

You guessed it, the hammer slipped, a round went off blowing a hole in my cousin's pants. He had enough presence of mind to tell his sergeant some kids had set off firecrackers and it was time for him to track the little darlings down. When he got home the pants hit the trashcan.

Some folk would take these two stories as an indictment of "stupid cops". I look at them as a warning, i.e. if even those highly trained in the use of firearms can accidentally shoot themselves, it behooves anyone with a gun TO BE DAMNED CAREFUL WITH THE THING!!

Experience is a great teacher but only a damned fool relies strictly on his own.

Speaking of damned fools, there was a guy we called "Big Al" on my first usetafish. Dumber than a box of rocks, Big Al thought it was hilarious to go to his landlord's home one night, ring the doorbell and stand on the porch wearing a ski mask and holding his .30-.30 at port arms when the man's wife answered. The door was slammed shut, he began guffawing but quickly stopped when the door reopened to show the landlord with a .12 gauge shotgun pointed at Big Al's head. Only the mercy of God stopped the man from pulling the trigger.

This story was relayed to the crew by Big Al's roommate, he'd been taken along for the ride with absolutely no idea of what was going on. Shortly afterwards he found another roommate.

Yep, firearms aren't for fooling around with. Ever. By anybody.

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Unknown said...

Some fools will use this to argue that we should not have access to guns at all. These types of thinigs just happen, I guess.

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