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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're being silenced...

I hate conspiracy theories. For me they always fall apart when I start wondering why more people don't know about them. Seriously, for most to be successfully carried off you need a doublebutt ton of participants. Franklin was right when he said, "Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead." So citing some esoteric document known to only the select few doesn't do it for me, claiming a vast conspiracy of silence leaves me cold, etc. & etc.

So why am I now wondering if theres something organized afoot to discredit/ostracize/minimize those of us with strong conventional religious convictions?

Case in point, this POS; which is the DHS assessment on rightwing extremism that is currently in the blogosphere headlights.

If you haven't read it, I recommend doing so. When I did my first reaction was, "This can't be an official document." The damned thing is very imprecise over just who the rightwing extremists are. But their defining characteristics "can" include things like opposition to abortion, OR strong feelings regarding 2nd Amendment rights, OR an antipathy towards the federal government vice state or local governments, OR irate racism (you knew this was coming I'll bet) towards the first African-American President.

It keeps referencing the current economic problems as a catalyst for rightwing extremists gaining membership and plotting various acts. My grasp of history isn't all that great but when the Weimar Republic hit the skids didn't the socialists (Nazis) take over? When things went into the toilet in Czarist Russia weren't the communists the ones who took the reins? Maybe some countries WERE taken over by rightwingers but I'd say it was a tossup.

We saw nothing like this during the eight years of (supposedly) Imperial Bush. As a matter of fact, we were constantly reminded that dissent was actually patriotic. So now it isn't? How Orwellian.

It looks like the stage is being set for many of the traditionally minded to go the way of the dodo. We're being marginalized when items like the one discussed here never hits the news, when loads of air time is given to those condemning the Pope regarding his view on AIDS in Africa but voices like this one aren't heard, when our military is ignored in even a trivial fashion such as this, when deviants are legitimized in any manner, including this and the list goes on and on.

Now many of us will fit the profile vaguely offered in the DHS document. Since so many supposedly religious eagerly worship at the feet of our secular society it'll be easy to persecute the rest. As an example, look at how those who identify themselves as members of the Catholic Church are split on the issue of B.O.'s election. There are enough supporters in his camp to justify going after the rest.

I've spoken in the past of how this might happen. No lions to be fed or crucifixes to be erected. Just think of having the IRS go up your ass with a microscope. THAT'LL quell a fair amount of dissent right there.

Or how about if you run afoul of Child Protective Services (CPS) as the couple in the following story did. (I've posted the entire thing because all too often stories disappear from the DMN blog. In all honesty, it's probably just a form of cyber housekeeping. But the story follows)

Three months after jury decision in custody case, Midlothian couple still waiting for kids to come home

12:00 AM CDT on Sunday, April 12, 2009
By JON NIELSEN / The Dallas Morning News
Three months after a jury decided that Christopher and Laura Dobbins were fit to raise their two children, the couple are still waiting to see them.

Christopher and Laura Dobbins have waited three months to get their two boys back after a jury upheld their parental rights.

The Midlothian couple still face abuse allegations. "
Christopher and Laura Dobbins have waited three months to get their two boys back after a jury upheld their parental rights. The Midlothian couple still face abuse allegations.

What's more, a pending criminal case against the parents could create dueling jury verdicts and disrupt plans for a reunion with their 5- and 7-year-olds. The couple haven't seen their boys since Child Protective Services removed them almost two years ago over abuse allegations.

CPS sought to terminate parental rights, but in a December civil trial, an Ellis County jury disagreed. Despite that 10-2 verdict, an Ellis County assistant district attorney says she's building a criminal case that will show the Dobbinses physically abused one of the boys.

This is a difficult situation for the judge, the jurors, the parents and the children, said Ellen Marrus, a law professor at the University of Houston.

"It would be a little odd to have dueling verdicts," she said. "Normally you have the criminal case, and the CPS case is really the backup. If you can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt, you have a way of safeguarding and protecting the children."

But in this case, the children are in limbo, said Mark Griffith, Laura Dobbins' attorney. Nearly three months after the December trial, Ellis County Court at Law Judge Greg Wilhelm has yet to affirm the jury's verdict.

"I can't do it anymore. It's been too long," Laura Dobbins said through sobs about the separation from her children. "I want to get to know them again. I need them, and I know they need me."

Last month, her attorney filed a rarely used writ of mandamus asking the court of appeals to order Wilhelm to uphold the jury's verdict so the children can go home. The court of appeals' decision is pending. A ruling could come this month.

"It's ridiculous," Griffith said about the criminal charges. "There is no rabbit in the hat to pull out. They threw everything and the kitchen sink in the CPS case, and the jury didn't buy any of it."

When the Dobbinses last saw their younger son, paramedics rushed him to the intensive care unit at Children's Medical Center Dallas. That was May 31, 2007, the day the boy had a seizure in the family's Midlothian home. Doctors found bleeding around the brain, a laceration to the pancreas and two old fractures in his wrists. Physicians suspected abuse and called Child Protective Services.

Protective custody
In June 2007, officials took the boy, then 4, and his 5-year-old stepbrother into protective custody and moved to terminate the parents' rights. Midlothian police later arrested the Dobbinses in their home.

According to court records, the 5-year-old stepbrother told child advocate workers that the parents repeatedly kicked the younger boy in the stomach. The Dobbinses deny any wrongdoing.

According to testimony in the CPS trial, the younger boy suffers from Henoch-Schonlein purpura, a disease that causes the blood vessels to become inflamed. Some of the symptoms the boy had during his hospital stay are similar to those found in a child with HSP.

But that diagnosis is disputed by the state's criminal prosecutor and will become a key topic at trial, said Lindy Tober, Ellis County's assistant district attorney.

"We have no – zero – intentions of dismissing the case," she said.

Laura and Christopher Dobbins each face one count of causing bodily injury to a child and one count of omission. A trial is scheduled in May. If convicted of the first-degree felony, they face up to life in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

It's unclear whether Wilhelm is waiting until the outcome of the criminal trial to determine the children's placement. This is the second writ filed against him in the past eight months for failing to uphold a jury verdict.

The judge declined to comment through his court coordinator.

"It is as if the trial and verdict were merely a 'mock trial' and the judge, through his continued actions that ignore the verdict, is abusing his discretion with no basis in law," according to Griffith's writ.
Juror alarmed

Those close to the case say both children are doing well in separate homes of extended family members. But learning that the kids were still not home with their parents bothered one juror.

"I'm a little shocked to hear that," Joe Sires of Waxahachie said. "I thought the verdict was the verdict."

According to Sires, jurors in the civil trial didn't know about the criminal charges against the parents when they voted against terminating the parental rights.

"I know there will be 10 of us who will be heartbroken if they are found guilty," Sires said.

According to the writ, Wilhelm has called for a transition plan that includes contact with the boys through a Web camera and telephone calls. But the plan doesn't include a deadline to return them to their parents.

"Justice demands that the trial court abandon its path of ever greater intervention and intrusion," Griffith wrote in the writ. "Any further delay will only serve to intensify the damage caused by the TDFPS [Texas Department of Family and Protective Services] in its failed petition."

One of the things I'll say about this is that the jury would have been privy to a LOT more information than is contained in this article. The fact that two out of twelve didn't vote for acquittal is unimportant, the way our judicial system is set up the majority vote here is what mattered. But it's being discounted and the couple have to continue fighting for their kids AND their freedom. How many folks could do that for an extended period of time? How many would be willing to do that if the persecution I speak of takes place?

Just another example of how the powers that be can make life difficult for anyone not conforming to popular groupthink.

And I don't necessarily believe we'll see an end to it when B.O. leaves office. He is just a symptom of the times and our culture. For an example of how injustice can pass from one administration to another that is (supposedly) opposed to the first I'd mention the Weimar Republic again.

Under that regime in Germany gun control laws were enacted, not under Hitler as is popularly assumed. Hitler only had to avail himself of legislation passed by his predecessors to ensure the populace was disarmed. Sweet for him!

Bottom line folks, we've a long way to go before paranoia will lose justification.


Adrienne said...

Excellent post. I was going to link to it but I got tired and haven't had breakfast - blah, blah (no excuse)

Now something I've found interesting is how often I will be reading someone's post (in this case yours), while that person is reading mine. I always find it to be a "great minds" moment and a real connection.

You are for sure a "radicalized right wing extremist"

Most Rev. Gregori said...

When it comes to conspiracy theories, I have often found that there is an awful lot of truth in them and as far as a majority not knowing is simply due to two reasons:

1.) so many people today DO NOT even bother to listen to or read anything news related. If they are watching T.V. or listening to the radio and the news comes on, they switch channels or stations.

2.) often, with the MSM being so liberal oriented, they won't print or air a lot of it.

Now, for this: "For an example of how injustice can pass from one administration to another that is (supposedly) opposed to the first I'd mention the Weimar Republic again."

This has been a HUGE problem in this country for years. Every time a new administration comes in, instead of getting rid of laws and executive orders that are unconstitutional and unpopular with the majority, the new administration just picks up where the former administration left off. We the people have lost total control over our government a very long time ago.

Subvet said...

Adrienne, that "great minds" comment would be fiercely contested by many liberals, some of whom have (briefly) come to this blog.

Rev. Gregori, good point about the passing on of laws we find repugnant. As for conspiracy theories, I'm beginning to think theres a lot more going on than I'd like to believe. Ignorance CAN be bliss!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My dear friend, "Ignorance CAN be bliss!" But it can also be very dangerous.

Subvet said...

Rev. Gregori, too true.

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