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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates were just teens with guns...

The bleeding hearts are cranking up for action now. Seems theres a lot of attention on the fact that the pirates killed by Navy SEALS were still in their teens.

Tough shit. Youth doesn't excuse evil.

Anyone else remember the story out of Philadelphia, PA a few years back? The one about the 45 year old man chased by a gang of kids, some as young as ten, who dragged him into their midst and beat him senseless. The guy died while still in a coma, part of the problem was the pipe they shoved down his throat. Nice kids, I'm sure they've all benefitted from compassionate social workers in that city and are now on the streets as productive citizens.


In my own experience on one of the boats I served we had a young punk, barely turned 18 who lived up in Mass. and went home on weekends when he didn't have the duty. His mother would always call the boat on Fridays to find out if "Sonny" would be off. Seems she was confined to a wheelchair and if she was alone he'd a habit of coming home drunk, grabbing the handles of the chair and firing her down to hall to crash into the wall there. Thought it was funny. So she tried to have company around when she could. He finally got shitcanned from the Navy for writing a few dozen rubber checks. Good riddance. Evil isn't confined to any age group.

Fr. Flannagan of Boys Town was full of shit when he stated there was no such thing as a bad boy, as a matter of fact there are plenty of them. Some are even playing pirate over in the Indian Ocean.

Don't do the crime unless you can do the time.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I agree, just like there aren't such things as bad students of course there are, and they fail.

Kevin Whiteman said...

Can't we all just hug? (That makes for a better chance for a kill shot.)

Rita Loca said...

I sometimes think that our country is the only place that allows teens to remain so immature that we still view them a s children.
In the jungle a 12 yr old male could hunt and kill anything! Heck, even the girls could!

VSO said...

IMHO we should bomb that shit-hole called Somalia until the sand turns to glass and send all these assholes back (ok not all somalis are assholes, just most of them) and their white lib sycophants with 'em.

Somalis have the WORST sense of entitlement I have ever seen!

I don't think Fr. Flanagan was full of it, just wrong. Dead wrong.

MightyMom said...

off topic,

here's a post you'lllike darling

Most Rev. Gregori said...

This is what happens when you spare the rod. It is an unfortunate situation that so many people chose to listen to Dr. Benjamin Spock instead of the Bible.

So now we are seeing the fruit of what was sown. And just to make sure that the icing is heaped upon the cake, Vermont is hoping to pass legislation that will make it legal for 13 year olds to send nude images of themselves to their friends. I guess Vermont wasn't satisfied with legalizing same-sex marriages. It appears that they love the smell of perversion in the morning.

sig94 said...

This just has to stop. Somalia is giving perfectly good shitholes all over the world a bad name. There are no teens in Somalia, only premature terrorists.

Harry said...

Interesting double standard. In Somalia they're "just" teens with guns. In the U.S. the same enablers scream that NOBODY, let alone a teenager should have access to guns.

Subvet said...

WOW! This post got a lot of comments! Everyone seems to be in agreement too!

I'll just say that we should all have a chance at running the country. Couldn't do worse than B.O. and would probably do better.

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