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Monday, October 27, 2008

An observation on pro Obama Catholics...

These people are twisting themselves into pretzels justifying their position while claiming to absolutely adhere to Church teaching. It reminds me of a sailor at one of my commands who had been caught "taking it down the Hershey highway", to phrase it delicately.

At his Article 15 hearing (Captain's Mast) this genius wailed to the Commanding Officer at the top of his lungs, "Cap'n, I was only a queen for a day!"

To which the CO replied, "But you did it four times!"...

Bottom line; you're either light in the loafers or you're not. No third option available.

Anyway, back to the pretzel twisters.

There are five issues that absolutely are not up for negotiation. Those five are abortion, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, gay marriage and euthanasia. Everything else takes a back seat. Period.

Yet in the news articles and Catholic pro Obama blogs I visit the efforts to minimize the impact of voting for a man who never met a fetus he wouldn't kill is enough to make your eyes bleed.

Bottom line; you're either genuinely concerned about the fate of the unborn, who are definetly the most helpless of humans, or you're not. No third option available.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS), don't piss down my back and try telling me it's just rainwater, okay?


Always On Watch said...

I don't see how Catholics can justify voting for Obama. Do they believe the church's doctrines or not?

Perhaps these Catholics are so steeped in moral relativism that they can't understand what the Bible says any more.

Rita Loca said...

I posted about this on Sunday. It's not just Catholics, some evangelicals are voting for a child killer.

Kris said...

i am not catholic, but i agree with this post completely. it either is or it is not murder...

i too am surprised how Christians (evangelicals) can justify voting for Bamako for this issue alone.


Kris said...

oops...i meant to say obama

ABNPOPPA said...

Well let me chime in. Abortion is an absolute, murder of the most helpless humans there are.

As for the Chatlics and the Evenjellos they are what I call Teflon Christians. If it don't fit my way of thinking I just let it slide off. I can say that because I am married to a Catholic raised woman who agrees with me. Also I posed the questions, Can a true Christan vote for a pro abortion candidate to 6 ministers of different faith. Only two, from Bible Churches said absolutely not. The Methodist, Lutheran give wonderful reasons as to why it was OK to murder and unborn child. JM has it right Some evangelicals are voting for a child killer. Just pull into any Lutheran parking lot on Sunday and read the bumper stickers. I know, I was raised a Lutheran and still attend only to speak my piece against the hypocritical hierarchy in the church!

Rancher said...

I had a niece who was just a "little pregnant". There are pro-choice (kill the baby before it's born) Americans, pro-partial birth (kill the baby as it’s being born) Americans, and pro-infanticide (kill the baby after it’s born) Americans. Obama is one of the latter.

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