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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Justifying a vote for Obama with pure moonshine.

One of the arguments raised for supporting Obama is that he'll address poverty experienced by pregnant mothers who feel they can't afford a child. Supposedly this will be more effective in the long run in reducing abortions and we can just forget that troubling little detail of his wholehearted support for abortion at all stages, up to and including birth after a botched procedure.

That one sounds like pure bullshit to me, of the several women I've met who have had an abortion none did it for economic reasons. Most times it was an unwanted pregnancy brought on by faulty birth control, one woman I briefly met figured abortion WAS a form of birth control. She admitted to having had five abortions. Not exactly my pick for Mother of The Year.

With the exception of that particular individual, every one of the others regretted it tremendously. As I've mentioned in other posts, these women were speaking at AA meetings, telling everyone what had helped fuel their alcoholism, how they decided to get the monkey off their back and how they were keeping it off at that time. It's under the heading of "what it was like, what happened and what it's like now."

Never was mention made of economic hardship, just that the kid was unwanted and their decision at the time was to shitcan the tyke. Had they been counseled otherwise I believe theres a strong chance the ultimate decision would have been different.

On the flip side of that, I know of one woman closely related to me (my daughter) who has used her pregnancies to gain additional welfare benefits. So much for it being pure myth that a woman would get pregnant purely for that sort of monetary gain. It happens, at least three times that I know of.

So what's the point here? Not much, just that I believe what Tip O'Neill used to say about all politics being local. When a Catholic makes a claim like the Obama supporters have, I try fitting it into my own frame of reference. If it doesn't fit I throw the bullshit flag.

Like I've already done.


Harry said...

Don't forget the "incest and rape" argument. It happens, but it's much more rare than abortions as birth control. I'd like to see the providers at least admit to that.

matthew archbold said...

YOu have a way with words which allows for no mistaking your intent. I love it.

Subvet said...

Harry, yeah the "incest & rape" argument routinely gets flogged to death in support of abortion. According to the statistics I've seen these instances account for less than 1% of all abortions. That doesn't even address the idea of two wrongs making a right. But don't expect anything like that from the proaborts.

Matthew, thanks. 22 years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club does that to ya.

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