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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The open borders crowd are as racist as the KKK.

Here's a story about a recent raid by ICE.

Gee, it really makes tears well up in the eyes doesn't it? Damn those bigots who want to send Juan, Jose and Maria back where they came from, can't they see the poor souls just want a job? The grandkids lost their friends? Shades of Old Yeller, I'm gonna bawl any second now.

But hang on a moment, here's another story about the raid, with a slightly different spin to it.

Kids as young as 13? Seventeen hour days working with razor sharp equipment? Hey, even in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club we'd never get away with that crap, one accident where a sailor got sliced open and you can bet every swinging dick that was involved with an operation like that would be hanging higher than Haman.

Here's my point, all the sympathy seems to be going towards those poor illegals and all the animosity towards anyone who wants our laws enforced. Those who advocate the cause of the illegals are seen as compassionate, Christ-like humanitarians. Yet in this situation we can see a case of defacto slavery. It's that way and not just at this one meat packing plant either. You can bet anytime some pickup stops at an area where illegals wait for work, the guy behind the wheel is trying for the cheapest labor possible. And it ain't minimum wage we're talking about here.

If the continued flood of illegals isn't perpetuating child abuse, slave labor and racially based injustice in the work place I'll eat this keyboard.

The open borders crowd continually appeals to our humanity. Fine. Maybe someone can explain how an unrestricted flow of illegals will NOT result in incidents such as the second linked article detailed. As I already said, you can bet this meat packing plant is NOT an anomaly. This happens because the illegals work under the table and they certainly can't speak up when they should. It will stay that way as long as the borders are unsecured. Even if every stinking illegal alien presently within our borders was granted amnesty tomorrow the preference of employers such as this meatpacking plant would still be for those in the shadows of our society. The flood of illegals would continue, workplace horror stories such as this would remain and nothing would change for the better.

When you get right down to it the open borders crowd is just a bunch of racists trying their damndest to feel good about themselves. That's it. Where is the outrage over a 13 year old kid working in that enviornment? Where is the horror expressed for the 16 year old who worked seventeen hour shifts? That crap never gets addressed by the useful idiots protesting enforcement of our laws. They're so busy practicing the fine art of verbal masturbation they can't be bothered with little things like that.

Yet those of us who want to secure our borders are the ones tarred with the brush of bigotry. Go figure.


ignorant redneck said...


People don't seem to see that--if you actually want to what's right--you're a racist.

It's a way to establish a new underclass in our society.

it's not lost on me that most of the people I've met who are all so fired up about "immigrant rights" belong to the class of people who want cheap labor.

Subvet said...

Yep, those damned fools are so busy courageously protesting against the evil bigots they just don't have time to mow their own lawns.

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