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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Can you say, "set-up"?

Sure you can.

I'm not one to endorse strip clubs. Back in the day I went to my share of them, secure in the "knowledge" that it was a free country and if Susie wanted to take it all off I had no problem with it.

Then I stopped drinking and in the process went to a hell of a lot of AA. meetings. I can't tell you the number of times I heard some woman tell of how she wound up dancing naked just to support her drug habit ( a lot of addicts went to the AA meetings I frequented, they claimed it was better than Narcotics Anonymous ).

Hearing that crap took the glamor away from Susie strutting around wearing nothing but a smile.

Having said all that, reading this story I really think it stinks of a setup. A 17 year old who just happens to be the sheriff's niece? And her parents found out? How did that last happen, when I was that age you can bet all my buddies would have clammed right up around any adults. They'd have made any omerta obsessed mafioso look like a blabbermouth. Something smells about this one.

And whoever was running that "art center" had their head up their ass. They can't look at a chick that young and figure it's better to be safe than sorry? I don't care how she was stacked, somebody was asleep at the switch. Having been a bartender I can vouch that you develop a sense for underage kids trying to get away with crap like this.

I hope they shut the place down but the way it's being done still doesn't pass the stink test.

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THIS is depressing!!
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