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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What would we do if they closed down the UN?

Here's a suggestion:


Glenn B said...

Well despite the fact that it would be a bad hit to the NYC economy, I think many New Yorkers would find themselves at a big party celebrating the event. No UN would mean:

Many more available parking spaces.

Fewer foreign Camel Jockeys and Goat Ropers trying to drive a car in the same fashion they drive livestock.

No one telling you 'I have diploooooooomatic immunity' when you ask them for license and registration after an acccident.

Shorter lines at the airport.

No taffic jams for UN events - and they cause some of the absolute worse traffic jams I have ever seen.

No taffic jams because the president of the USA is visiting the UN (almost as bad as regular UN meeting traffic jams, but then tend to move the prez pretty fast).

No foreign dickwads on our soild trying to implement UN rule of ourt nation while destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Fewer terrorists within our borders.

Fewer chances of a terrorist organization using a UN delegate or worker to smuggle something into our country using diplomatic immunity.

Room for a really nice hotel on the east side of Manhattan, maybe even with a casino if we can convince the mayor and governor that lost UN revenue means we need to making it up somehow, and a casino would not only do that, but would let people have fun, something the UN never allowed.

A much smaller work load for the folks who handle unpaid traffic and parking tickets.

Fewer illegal aliens in the US since there would be fewer overstays of UN visas.

A new holiday, called F.U.N. Day "Freedom from the U.N." Day. It could be an annual event, that is once people clamed down and ceased the at least weekly parties they would hold for getting the UN out of the US.

Just think of the good that copuld come of it; the good surely would outweigh the bad.

All the best,

Glenn B said...

sorry about forgetting to spell check

Subvet said...

Glenn, LOL. If I didn't know it before it's evident now that you're a native of the Big Apple.

Jay said...

Just think of the intelligent life that a Wal-mart would bring to Turtle Bay.

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