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Friday, November 30, 2007

About that "religion" of peace......

It was a stinking teddy bear!

Contrast this to when Serrano's "Piss Christ" came out years ago. Yeah, I know I'm talking about two different countries but the fact is you can bad mouth Christ and Christianity all day long and you won't have anyone shouting this crap:

Others yelled: "No one lives who insults the prophet."

Noted. FYI, your "prophet" was a bloodthirsty, child raping, two faced con artist who could have been a seventh century poster child for birth control.

Just my opinion.

Must be one of the local Jesuits.


Cookie..... said...

Seems thats just about all I can mutter these days..."Religion of Peace MY ASS!

O/T...Chief, did any of the New London photos I had up yesterday bring back any memories.... ;-)

Pen of Jen said...

I wrote on the same thing today...seems that one of the students was named Mohamed also...hmm. Are the parents alive or have they been stoned???

ignorant redneck said...

I think it's high time we quit being so prejudiced about Islam. Instead of just spouting politically motivated, canned statements, we need to look at it for what it is:

A hate engendering system that stymie progress, oppressise women to the point of beatings, stonings and mutilation, murders people who stand up to it and was founded by a Child Raping Guy who Heard Voices and Then Incited Mass Murder.

Cookie..... said...

HERE HERE!! Well said Ignurnt Redneck...Well Said.

Anonymous said...

I am going to take a kind of devil's advocate approach here. We're all trained, and our guys are trained now, when they go overseas, especially to Muslim countries, who's cultures are soooooo different from the West, that they need to understand the culture and try to respect it.

I am not going to speak on the modernity of Muslim culture. I largely agree with Ig Red on this, however, we all know what their culture is, and, especially in the theological states (as opposed to the secular ones) if you go into those states to teach, or whatever, you should have some knowledge of the penalties for certain crimes against their religion. I mean, come on, even I know that in some Muslim countries, to name an inanimate object after Muhammad is considered akin to idolatry, and is often punishable by death. Within their own countries, if that's the law, you darn well better follow it.

This does not condone them for their rioting and threats following the Dutch newspaper incident, as that occurred in Denmark, where clearly, there are no such state restrictions. In other words, if Muslim nations want to pass stupid and backwards laws in their own countries, as long as they don't violate basic human rights, well, I don't see how it's too much of our business. We could certainly lobby and try to convince them to join the 16th century, but, hey, it's their lousy country. If they're not a threat to us, let them do it. I agree it is definitely NOT a religion of peace, and in this GWOT, I think we may need to defeat Islam totally. But, she should have known better than to do this, unless she was trying to make a point, in which case, I applaud her, and say "Point made."

BTW - I believe the restriction is on non-living things, not people, as the naming of a son after Muhammad is considered ok, if not aa form of worship or something.

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