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Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Trust Me" from Barack Obama

Barack Obama is featured in this article. Asided from the Iraq withdrawal item, what catches my interest is the election fraud bill he's introduced.

Capt. Ed at the Captain's Quarters put it best;

"A law like this eliminates all but the deepest-pocketed organizations from participating due to the sudden liabilities involved in political speech. It also sets up the government as the arbiter of acceptable and "truthful" political speech, rather than the American electorate -- a dangerous position for everyone".

The government as arbiter of truth, there's a thought to give you a chill. No bending of the rules would take place there, right? No shenanigans from our elected officials, right? Complete objectivity and honesty? Reminds me of an old joke;

Question: How do New Yorkers say "F--- You!"?
Answer: "Trust Me".

It wouldn't be the truth of any fraud allegations that would deter groups such as the Swift Boat Veterans, it would be the court costs. And how much of a muzzle do we want on groups like that? I know there are some abuses of the system, often candidates prey on the public's ignorance and gullibility (there's a shocker!). Remember some of the statements of "Howling Howie" Dean? But it's a price we pay for free speech.

So what's next? If someone proclaims a candidate's prochoice position endorses murder will they be prosecuted for election fraud? How politically correct do we get? Remember Cameron Diaz sobbing on "Oprah" that if GW Bush won, rape would become legal? Do we start prosecuting the willfully stupid?

Hype and hyperbole during a campaign are part of the deal. Conniving to dupe the public is also. No one can say it's honorable or right. But it's a part of the package. That's why news organizations are supposed to be "fair and balanced". It's why watchdog groups exist. We already have various libel and slander laws on the books, why add to them?

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