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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Give an inch and they'll ask for a yard.

Personally, I couldn't care less what happens on some college campus Down Under.

But I've linked to that story because it's indicative of how the "religion" of the Islamists always demands special consideration. Dhimmitude is on it's way and it won't stop in Austrailia or Europe.

We're already seeing it here as the Muslims demand special treatment. Can you say, "flying imams"? How about the 40 wingnuts that showed up late for their connecting flight back from their hajj? They whined and snivelled till the airline apologized and paid their hotel bills. How about the college where the Islamists have taken over a nondenominational prayer room, excluding all other faiths from it's use? The babe in Florida that was shocked, just shocked that she couldn't wear her veil while getting a driver's license photo taken. Or the one who was PO'ed because a bus driver wouldn't let her ride while dressed like Cousin It. And on and on and on......

The linked story just illustrates how far it will go. And further.

We've got to get our politically correct, multicultural heads out of our asses and start standing up to these clowns. And they can be stopped. Just ask the guy running pig races in Katy, TX. The one who was told he'd have to move because his new neighbors wanted to build a mosque next door. He stood up to them and now they eat humble pie while saying it was all a misunderstanding. Right!


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THIS is depressing!!
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