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Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Culture of Death

Today is the 34th anniversary of the passage of Roe vs. Wade. Abortion on demand was once touted as a necessary evil that would only be used during the first trimester of a pregnancy. How far have we come? Can you say, "partial birth abortion"?

All my posts today deal with abortion and related topics. If it isn't your cup of tea you may want to come back tomorrow. You've been warned!

It was pushed as a woman's "right to choose" with little if any attention paid to the rights of the unborn. The term "baby" has been replaced with "fetus" or "embryo". Guess that makes it more palatable. Sugar coating the bitter pill of infanticide has allowed us to consider not only killing an unborn child but also seriously persuing the harvest of it's stem cells for medical purchases. Josef Mengele would have approved, I'm sure. So far has the basic human dignity required for the dead "unborn" receded in public consciousness that "a compromise" based on the use of existing stem cells was approved by our present Chief Executive. This from a man who routinely takes flak for his strong religious beliefs.

The thinking seems to be that they're dead already so who really cares? And I'm sure my father's dead ass would have made a peachy lampshade. What the hell, he was dead already, right?

We've come a long way baby and it's not necessarily in the right direction!And the followon to our acceptance of abortion isn't so great either. We seriously countenance euthanasia, designer babies, etc.

As far as honoring life goes, we suck. Period.


Old Gary said...

I think abortion should be allowed in cases of rape, incest, or threats to the mother's life. No other exceptions.

Sadly, if a referendum was to be held, I believe women would vote anywhere between 60-80% in favor of no restrictions to abortion.

Cookie..... said...

Hey SubVet...guess we must be on the same wave-length of my post is about some of the same topics....

Anonymous said...

Old Gary, let me ask you a question, if I may. Why should the child be punished? It didn't ask to be conceived that way. The only threat to a mother's life that pregnancy may cause is ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, which are so rare as to not even bother to be mentioned. I know women who gave birth to their children concieved by rape, and they are happy that they did so. Why kill the baby? If the mother feels that keeping it would be that painful, then she should give it up for adoption. There is no excuse for destroying an innocent life.

Subvet, thanks for carrying the torch for truth today.

Old Gary said...


Asking a woman to carry a child that she doesn't want is like asking a conservative to increase his taxes for more welfare benefits.

Abortion is really frustrating. I've been back and forth on this issue since the 70's.

The only thing I'm really sure of is that women will continue to support it and we all know that women usually get what they want. No?

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