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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just how stupid are they anyway?

I'd really appreciate feedback on this.

Does following Islam make people stupid? Yeah, I know 9/11/2001 was a success for them. No problem seeing that. But that doesn't make them smart, just deadly. We weren't awake then, we were blindsided. I can stumble into a rattlesnake's nest if I'm half asleep. Doesn't mean the snakes are smart, I'm just willfully stupid.

I thought of this recently after hearing Robert Spencer say that every time the Islamists have success in their American nonviolent jihad they also lose because more people wake up to them. The things that seem to support my question include;

1) Actions by Saudi religious leaders recently when they outlawed use of the letter "x". This is the same group that agreed several years ago that Earth was undeniably flat. S-T-U-P-I-D.

2) The "flying imams" and the hamhanded way they play victim. Who really buys into their crap?

3) Everytime I hear Ibrahim Hooper, one of the main mouthpieces for CAIR, open his yap I'm impressed with what a jackass he is. And they don't seem to have anyone better than him.

4) Some of the truly stupid acts that get reported. Supposedly the Muslims on trial for trying to blow up the subway in London couldn't fashion a working bomb despite the involvement of all. Hey, one guy exploded the detonator and it sent him ass over teakettle across the station. It would be hilarious if not so potentially deadly.

And on and on.

While I don't go in for conspiracy theories there is one I've heard that makes sense. It's to the effect that the "anthrax in the mail" scare we had immediately after 9/11 was actually an attempt by Al Queda to get a plague going. Lots of effort and ambition, not enough brains to find a bio agent that was more lethal.

So like I said, does it make a fair portion of the Islamonazis plain stupid?

And is it our own politically correct attitudes that dumb us down to their level?


lazlong said...

In a word, Yes.

Subvet said...

Funny, that's the same word I keep coming up with!

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