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Thursday, October 19, 2006


It's difficult to be involved with organized religion these days. At least I've found it so. My profile mentions I struggle to remain in my faith, that's mostly due to my political beliefs. Seems it's entirely fashionable to bash the USA, it's involvement in Iraq, it's immigration policies, etc. by any cleric that wishes to. Whatever happened to the idea of obedience to those in authority? Since the '60's that whole concept has become passe.

I recall my cousin, Richie Mahaney. He was a few years older than myself and did NOT support the war in Viet Nam. But when his number came up he went to boot camp and then on to Viet Nam. Just being a standup type of guy who knew life isn't Burger King, you don't always get it YOUR way. He lost his eyesight due to friendly fire two weeks later. Upon his return to the States a woman at his church let him know he deserved what he got. Welcome home, son. Sheesh. Really keeps you in the pews doesn't it? God rest his soul, he died about a year and a half ago.

That sort of thing led to my own 32 year estrangement from the faith of my childhood. When I came back a few years ago I figured it couldn't be as bad as it was then. Turns out, it's a yes & no answer to that. Yes, my local church is filled with traditional believers such as myself. But no, the local diocese is headed by a "progressive" who has as a mouthpiece the diocesan paper which routinely castigates our military, the President, ICE and DHS, etc. And it really gets old sometimes! I recently went online and posted a question to a cleric in my church, mentioning my frustration in this area. He couldn't resist the opportunity to spout his own liberal talking points even though my original posting had been of a general nature. Why did I even bother?

I know this isn't something peculiar to my own denomination. The War Department is Methodist and recently found out that there's a large political divide in her local church. Seems like it's this way all over. As with most things of this nature the difference of opinions isn't whats so irritating. It's the personal attacks that seem to go along with them. She hasn't endured any yet and if she did I'd probably go ballistic, make a complete ass of myself and convince everyone she married a psycho. Wouldn't be the first time though.

Maybe folks like myself need to just own up to the fact that we're more centered around our nation than our church. Maybe we should start the First National Church of America. I don't know. But sometimes it's odd that the most "Christian" acts come from the most seemingly heathen among us. I'm put in mind of those nutcases that are presently going to the funerals of soldiers to protest the Iraq War. At one such protest they were met by a bunch of bikers who just stood in front of them with their own signs and sang patriotic songs so that the mourners would neither see nor hear the nutcases. Quite the contrast. Who was the more "Christian" in this case? When I was Pentecostal a few years back the preacher I had used to mention the worst people he dealt with were the most fervent churchgoers. Seemed they were the ones he could count on to be the most backstabbing, hypocritical, and nonsupportive. Makes ya think.

I recall reading in a Hans Kung work that St. Augustine had claimed the floors of Hell were paved with bishop's souls. It's easy to believe sometimes.


reddog said...

Organized religion is difficult to deal with, thats for sure. Most people end up attending the same church they grew up in because nothing else feels right. It doesn't really matter whether they end up sharing many beliefs with the church.

I just don't attend church. I figure I have my own relationship with God and don't need it. I am a very solitary type. I don't think God cares if you go to church and I can figure out right from wrong most of the time, better than most clergy, really.

You might try a diocese in a different ethnic area. We have Vietnamese, Hispanic and Anglo Catholic churches in my area. The clergy is very different at these churches.

If I were you I'd shop around and see who comes closest to what I want.

Subvet said...

Thanks for the suggestion. You're right that different ethnic groups have their own slant on things. The Pentecostal church I belonged to was entirely black, I became their only white male in attendance. Got a lot out of it but they had gone independent from the rest of the denomination so when I moved to Texas that killed that. Plus for some reason Cathoicism was always tops on their list to criticize. Always found myself trying to explain doctorine and getting some skeptical looks for my troubles.

And yeah, I doubt God has a scorecard that He marks off everytime you attend church. I forget what President it was who said,"We're all in trouble if God is what we think He is". This after hearing a hellfire & brimstone sermon.

One thing I've learned about all churches, sooner or later they'll ask you to dig deep for donations. "The Lord loves a cheerful giver" is never too far from any of their lips.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the local Church leadership not being obediant to Church teachings. My pastor, while being very orthodox on maters of faith, which I appreciate, is sooo politically progressive it makes my stomach churn sometimes.

We belong to an inner city parish with a large Hispanic population, and he speaks out loudly on "undocumented aliens", and has even organized an ecumenical social(ist) coalition. I am almost positive that he has harbored illegal immigrants on the parish grounds - I have no proof of course, but one hears rumors...

My best weapon is to be educated in the teachings of the Church when he, and others like him, pull this kind of stuff. It stops them cold in their tracks when I quote paragraph and number from the Catechism where they're wrong. Not that it makes them stop, but now they lie to themselves when they keep on doing whatever it is they're doing.

We should never be surprised when we hear of scandals in the Church. After all, Jesus himself set the example. His treasurer betrayed him, and his best friend denied him, and all but one ran away at his most dire hour of need. Why should we expect any better now? That should be reason enough for all of us to be steadfast in our faith no matter what ill winds may blow...

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