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Sunday, March 03, 2013

NOW can I wear my tinfoil hat?

Does this justify it?

Historically speaking, this is deja vu all over again as a sleepwalking nation signs off on it's destruction. When the Wiemar Republic started restricting firearm ownership nobody thought some despot would come to power and use the same laws that had been originally passed to deter fools like him. Nope.

Something about roads paved with good intentions comes to mind.

How about the anti-clerical laws that incited the Cristero War in Mexico? They were passed over a decade prior to somebody actively trying to enforce them. How many folks were lulled to sleep believing that since nobody had pushed their enforcement, nobody ever would?

That worked out so well for our southern neighbor, didn't it?

Yep. Bet there were more than a few Cassandra-like figures warning of impending problems there.

So tell me again just WHY I shouldn't worry. Tell me how I can always trust the government to always act with restraint (Ruby Ridge), with plenty of just cause (Branch Davidians at Waco), with no chance of harming the innocent and suppressing honest dissent.

This isn't a conservative/liberal issue, it's one that should scare the bejabbers out of everyone.

Just my paranoid opinion.

By the way, drones aren't the only means of monitoring our moves. These little gems are already available : and this:

So the targets will be well tracked and ready for termination. Lest you believe that no "true American" would ever, ever use armed force against the innocent public may I suggest reading this past missive:

But where would they get the ammo? Probably from all that they recently bought for the DHS, SSA, EPA, etc. Purchased with your tax dollars and mine too!

All they need now are the dedicated troops to bring things into play. Do I believe theres a large standing army successfully hidden in the southwestern desert regions of our land? Nope. I honestly believe we don't have any sort of version of the brownshirts of Nazi Germany. Not yet anyway.

No, if something in the way of a major suppression of the American people were to happen any time soon it would take a scenario where the President would declare martial law for the restoration of peace and order. That would be coupled with an appeal to the UN for peace keepers being voluntarily supplied by various nations (fill in the blanks as to who that might be) in order to quell any violence. As for our own military, they'll be effectively screened for any malcontents who might cite the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those boys will be shown the door. Everyone left will gladly follow orders. Give them the proper indoctrination classes, some time on the range with the aforementioned targets so they're desensitized to shooting pregnant soccer moms and then the UN troops can go home. Malcontents like you and I will be taken to reeducation camps if we're lucky, shot while escaping if we're not. But we know, just know that couldn't ever happen here. Nope.

Nothing to see here and no cause for alarm. Move along please.

UPDATE: Here's another item that just came to my attention:

Regarding the light armored vehicles, massive amounts of ammo, upgrade of the drone capabilities and other items I have just one question. Why is there a perceived need for this? Take away the conspiracy theories and you have.....what?

There is never a satisfactory answer. None. Zilch. Nada.

When the only answer that DOES make sense leads you to believe our government is gearing up for a lot of civil unrest, is it still tinfoil hat thinking?

Old AA adage; "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck then it's a duck!"

So since there are no other answers that have been proposed by ANYBODY that make sense of all these items, I'd say we should get ready for some real rough times.

God's will be done, may He have mercy on all of us.


Adrienne said...

It would be smarter to cover your roof with tinfoil.

ABNPOPPA said...

Anybody every hear from all those Texans who signed the petition to leave the United States? What do you think POTUS people have done with that list!!! A knock on the door at night is coming. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself and it's only those that WILL NOT see who are blind.


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