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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

On Murrietta Ca. and Lawrenceville, Va. reception of illegal aliens and the coming apocalypse.

If you've read the news you know that out in Murrietta, Ca. town residents blocked access for three buses carrying illegals to a holding facility there. Seems the townsfolk are fed up with the idea of being a dumping ground for potential criminals and disease carriers.

Prior to that, out in Lawrenceville, Va, the residents got their noses out of joint when the administration of a local college agreed to house approx. 500 illegals. Since the town has a whopping 1500 residents this would put a bit of a strain on their facilities. Once again I'm thinking of crime and disease.

People are getting fed up with this crap. The meme of  "what about the children?" isn't working too well evidently. There are some folks trying to fight back and all too soon I believe we'll see a response from the Administration. Will it involve the National Guard? Will there be some violence? You tell me.

But I live in an area with a lot of non English speaking Hispanics, I've no doubt we'll soon see a lot more. My kid's school will accept new kids without question (they're bound by law to act that way). So it's a good thing the wife is an RN with lots of pediatric experience. It's also a good thing we've a fair sized dog and some firearms in the house.

Things are rapidly approaching the breaking point and not just in the area of illegal immigration. The nation is filled with pissed off people. The vets and their families are pissed at the VA, the pro aborts and their cohort are pissed at the Supremes, Catholics, Evangelicals, the gays are pissed at anyone talking about reparative therapy and how getting your fudge packed isn't just an inherited preference, the libs are pissed at the conservatives, the conservatives at the Tea Party, race relations between blacks & whites have taken a nose dive since Obama was elected. The list goes on and on.

Sooner or later some group is going to attack another. Then all Hell will break loose as it mushrooms into score settling and payback time. Toss in a few Muslim jihadists initiating a 9/11 atrocity or two and everything will go up in flames.

Then we'll see an imposition of martial law (I still think it'll happen before 20 Jan 17) as the Feds clamp down on all activities. That will include the internet, cross country travel, etc. A very vocal portion of our population will welcome it, placing security above freedom. All those government agencies that have been buying up ammo will then show why it was purchased as they field their own SWAT-style enforcement teams against the general public. The clampdown will be promised just "for the duration". Noted.

It could happen under either a Democratic or Republican Administration. As I've already mentioned I believe its more likely to occur before any successor to Obama takes office. I might be wrong, it might happen after he leaves. But it's becoming more likely as time goes on.

The groups targeted for persecution will include all the devoutly religious (even Muslims once they've served their purpose), all veterans (especially the younger ones), all 2nd Amendment advocates, all political non conformists. Stay in the middle of the herd or you'll get culled.

Just to make one point here; I don't believe any of this is or was deliberately orchestrated. What we have is a self-absorbed populace electing (twice!) a poster boy for affirmative action. Like all those hired in the name of "diversity" the man is incredibly out of his depth. The incompetence of him and his cronies are the real driving engine here, aided and abetted by an electorate that is too focused on creature comforts and personal gain. But the end result is the same as if there was some sinister puppeteer pulling the unseen strings, i.e. the final destruction of our nation as we knew it.

Maybe I'm as wrong as a football bat, I sure do hope so. But IMO our nation has already died, we're just going through the start of the death rattle.

God help us all, may His will be done.


ABNPOPPA said...

Subvet, I would agree with 90 or so percent of your post. What I don't agree with is the death rattles. A punch drunk fighter is still a fighter. Even though he me be knocked down he is not knocked out. He can stand up regain his wind, stamina, and reflexes if managed properly. IMHO, you taught me, is the kickback of Murrietta Ca, the Lawrenceville, Va. and don't for get the rancher with the Texas Militia. Toss in 10 SCOTUS rulings and I think you have the makings for a good political donnybrook!

Yes, some blood may be spilled and it may come before this President has left office. I believe we will have trouble getting him to leave office. I look for the trouble to brew just before the elections so he can use EO to invalidate the elections and make himself King for Life. I truly believe this.

Kent State spilled blood and Prohibition spilled blood as did the Emancipation Proclamation but America survived.

We will again. Scratched, bruised and bloody, but still standing and still fighting and still.....America!

Subvet said...

Pops, I hope you're right and we both live to see the truth of that. I'm of the "prepare for the worst, hope for the best mindset".

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