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Thursday, July 17, 2014

“If you're litigating against nuns, you have probably done something wrong,..."

Ya think? Here's the link:

Just MHO but this won't die an easy death, it's one of many flash points coming to prominence in our nation. Yesterday I was talking to the wife (who routinely suffers through my rants) and noted that many optimists believe in 2016 we'll have a replay of when Reagan trounced Carter. In other words a champion of conservative values will ride a landslide of voter indignation to the Oval Office and we'll see a return to the conservative values now in decline. The sun will come out, birds will chirp and the Millenium will be upon us all.

If only.

Sorry folks, back then the biggest item was how to deal with the USSR, Carter & Co. believed in soft pedaling any differences between us while moving forward in the spirit of detente originally fostered by Gerald Ford. Ronnie Rayguns thought we should stand up to the international bully and face him down. God bless Reagan.

This time around things are considerably different. Our country is fighting over gay marriage, the Affordable Care Act, illegal aliens, gun control, global warming/climate change, the role of the nanny state in our lives, how to deal with followers of the Pedophile Prophet  and probably a few more I can't bring immediately to mind.

We're divided on so many topics and if a strong conservative such as Cruz gets placed in the White House, we can expect a backlash of Biblical proportions from the left side of the aisle. It won't be a redux of Reagan/Carter, it'll fall along the lines of another Civil War.

What led us into this diatribe was a visit by the wife and I to the local range, something we haven't done together for quite some time (FWIW she cleaned my clock, I gotta get out more). Anyway, the upshot of the rant was my warning her she ought to get a CHL and start packing some heat before the 2016 election. IMO the shit will hit the fan shortly after Election Day.

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THIS is depressing!!
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