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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thoughts on gay marriage and the future.

So now we're seeing advances in the area of gay "marriage" in Arizona the governor vetoed a bill allowing business' to refuse service on the grounds of religious beliefs. In Texas a judge has ruled against the state ban on gay nuptials. The beat goes on.

At the same time a lot of glee is expressed by pro life advocates on the victories won against abortion. As an example; "Cookiecott" seems to be having it's desired effect of forcing the GSA to notice widespread disapproval regarding their selection of role models (e.g. Wendy Davis, Kathleen Sebellius) for young girls.

I think the elation is premature, more on that later.

IMO too much attention was focused over the past few decades on "Roe v. Wade" and it's fallout. More energy should have been devoted to combating other aspects of our cultural suicide and yep, that's what I classify acceptance of gay marriage as. In all honesty nobody could have guaranteed this would happen, just a few years ago the chance of gay marriage advancing in the courts was widely pooh-poohed and it seemed valid. At the time only a few states were leaning towards legalization of homosexual unions with no indications things might change. Boy, were we wrong on that!

We're now seeing a collapse of resistance to that legalization. This will continue as more lawsuits against supposed homophobia continue to surface. Resistance will be weakened because of the onus of bigotry and hate. Let's face it, a lot of families have homosexual members and it's more acceptable to come out of the closet on that score than to admit to killing an unborn child. After all as Dean Martin used to sing, "Everybody loves somebody sometime." Who could reasonably dictate "love" and how it can be expressed? Take a stand against abortion and you can quite often reasonably claim to be speaking for defenseless babies. Take a stand against gay marriage and you're associated with the fools who stood against interracial marriage. Oh you hater, you!

But the full consequences of this acceptance are either downplayed or denied. As an example, how many otherwise traditionally minded Christians realize that when they push for acceptance of gay marriage they'll likely find their children encouraged in "exploring" that "lifestyle"? This is already happening in Massachusetts where parents find their kids are taught by the school systems it's perfectly okay that Tommy had two daddies and the princess will find the right girl for herself. The justification by the teachers involved has been "well it's legal so theres nothing wrong with teaching this" How do you answer that one? How do you say on one hand "Gay ain't my thing but let's live and let live." followed by "I don't want my kids encouraged in this."? You don't. It's a package deal. When you approve of something for someone else, even if you find it personally revolting, you're saying you'll be fine with it being taught to your kids.

Perhaps when someone now states they feel everyone should be allowed to love whomever they want, the pertinent question may be, "So do you say getting your fudge packed is alright and are ready to condone your kids doing it?" Sorry if that comes across as a bit vulgar. Sometimes vulgarity may be needed.

Because it's all well and good to advocate love and affection but perhaps some time should be spent on the mechanics of it. IMO Sam Kinison very adequately described it during his comedy routines.
Let's face it, theres a disconnect somewhere in an evening of wine and roses followed by having to change the sheets because of fecal leakage. "Who sleeps in the wet spot?" becomes just a bit more odious of a question.

All of that being said, what can we expect for the days to come? I believe we'll see a growing acceptance of homosexuality with a corresponding condemnation of those opposing it. As I've written in other posts, it will soon be insufficient to quietly acquiesce to this "lifestyle". All too soon only open advocacy will earn you points.

As part and parcel of this we can expect a resurgence in the acceptance of abortion. Support for both homosexuality and killing your kids seem to go hand in hand. The repugnance currently expressed towards slaughtering unborn humans will subside. Let's face it, as the conscience becomes numb in one area that insensitivity carries over to others.

Pressure will mount for religious denominations to support gay marriage. We can expect a fair amount of spineless behavior in the name of "tolerance" to happen in all houses of worship. I've no doubt a fair amount of Catholics will cave in on this topic. We'll find out who wants to "play church" as opposed who wants to be in the Church.

All too soon it will become a choice of either serving the prince of this world or the One of the next. Those remaining steadfast and true to their beliefs will find "white martyrdom" in the form of government harassment. Look for involvement by the IRS, child protective agencies (for those of us with children), and various others as the push for "equality" becomes stronger.

Where does it all end? I don't know and I feel it doesn't matter because all possible outcomes are equally bad. But I've my own three children to care for, teach and raise according to what is right, not convenient. I pray every day for them. That sounds like hooey but it's the truth.

May God's will be done and may He have mercy on us all.   


Vigilis said...

Subvet, until some homo insider writes an accurate confession, the assault on the majority (78% of Arizona voters opposed to gay marriages, for instance) will be a mystery to most.

I have a bit of inside info (but no permission to cite my elderly lawyer source) that may be of interest to Americans perplexed by the disproportionately enormous power the homosexual community has been able to exercise.

Their strategy began after 1978 to the early 80's when doctors in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco began seeing young men with Kaposi's Sarcoma, a cancer usually associated with elderly men of Mediterranean ethnicity. It was the start of the U.S. HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Although the perpetrators were not all U.S. citizens, they were wealthy, well-traveled and several were very influential K-Street lobbyists, tops in their firms with some equally nasty proclivities.

With the help of international counterparts with similar tastes they were able to mount a lobbying effort that would soon change FDA policies to concentrate on combatting AIDs (otherwise an "orphan drug" category) ahead of testing new drugs for the general U.S. population.

Their surprising success surprized even them, and made them realize how to expand their power. Step one was to simply hire and promote more K-Street lobbyists who were also gay.

This started to pay off in 8-15 years, and has now become almost unstoppable. Congress is not about to pressure or regulate lobbyists who bundle campaign contributions for their re-elections. The giant corporations who are individually paying millions of dollars annually for lobbying services, are not about to cut their own throats, either. That is why Marriott, for example, threatened Arizona's governor.

The Lesbian movement was not started by these homo lobbyists, but they benefitted from its growth due to liberal support of the feminist, anti-male movement.

There is only one way for this corruption to be stopped, and at this point it seems a long-shot.

We must elect a new congress that appreciates what has happened to America and is willing to invoke R.I.C.O. statutes to investigate and stop those responsible.

Their first step will be establishing for the public just how and why adopted children raised by gay parents turn out to be gay in numbers giving lie to the notion that most gays have been born that way. It is the other way around. But, those with insidious proclivities welcome the young gays to their fold, since it lessens the need to compete with the population for female breeders of gays and the red-blooded males for risky seduction.

Any questions?

Subvet said...

Vigilis, the only question I'd have would be "when do the reeducation camps open?". I've no doubt we'll see something of that sort before long. After that we can meet in the Chestnut Tree Cafe, drink our Victory Gin and toast the health of Big Brother.

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