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Thursday, February 20, 2014

FCC regarding newsroom monitors. (Update added)

Here's the latest on the FCC monitoring what comes from the newsrooms of the MSM:

Basically they're telling the world, "Trust me". That reminds me of an old joke; "How does someone from New York City tell you to get screwed?"

The answer is "Trust me."

I can believe no one has evil intent in regards to this, but then who gets up in the morning, stretches his arms out and shouts, "What a wonderful day! It's time to perpetrate evil in any way possible!"

Hey, even Hitler thought he was justified for his actions. So did Stalin. So did Mao. The list goes on
and on.

This week the FCC will be content with peeking over the shoulders of newsroom workers. In the future whats to prevent them from "suggesting" what stories to cover and in what manner?

Did we forget the lessons taught by the trial of John Peter Zenger? Ae we so far down the road to perdition we completely disregard such things?

UPDATE: Evidently the cockroaches are scurrying out of the light:


Anthony S. Layne said...

Hey, 'Vet! You know that Reporters Without Borders recently ranked the US 46th on freedom of speech and the press? Yeah, the country that practically invented both rights isn't even in the top 10. How long do you think before we have a Secretary of Propaganda?

Subvet said...

46th? I'm shocked we were rated so high!

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THIS is depressing!!
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