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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tinfoil hat time?

So let me see if I understand some recent stories. The DOJ has decided that minority students can't be disciplined in the same manner as their white classmates. The IRS will insure employers don't fire their workers in order to more easily comply with the Affordable Care Act. The DOJ will now recognize all same sex weddings in every state (all 57?) regardless of what local law may proscribe. The head of that same DOJ is now pushing for ex felons to be given the right to vote. The DHS is currently in the market for 141,000 rounds of sniper quality ammo (and it's damn depressing when Alex Jones is accurately covering such a story). The Ohio National Guard recently conducted training under a scenario where right-wing terrorists were the designated foe. Let's not forget the DOD school for the military's EO program has been caught promulgating the notion that conservative Christians and their values are not to be tolerated.

Another way to see it is that the Feds are completely taking over our kids' education and morphing it into genuine propaganda (while all students will be equal some will be more equal than others). The private market place is coming under complete government control. The voter base for our current regime will be expanded by any means possible (I haven't even mentioned pandering to the illegal immigrants). Our government is conditioning the military into a mindset of unquestioning animosity towards traditional values at the same time their prepping for war against the civilian community at large (if you think G.I. Joe will conscientiously refer to the copy of the Constitution he carries in his backpack, think again. Our troops are just as ignorant as their civilian counterparts, after all they DID attend the same schools.).

Did I miss any big ticket items? Am I misstating anything here?

Tell me again how things will magically turn around in 2016 and I'll tell you how I doubt it. Tell me again how we can't possibly be seeing the groundwork laid for the declaration of martial law. Keep telling me and as God is my witness, I hope you'll be right.

Because right now I've a feeling we're all in for a taste of Hell on Earth.

God's will be done, may He have mercy upon us all.

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THIS is depressing!!

THIS is depressing!!
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