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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Your hemorroids belong to us!

Evidently some cops in New Mexico bring their sexual preferences to work:

So the moral of the story goes, when stopped in Amerikka for rolling through a stop sign, as you're exiting the car on command you must crap all over yourself.

Honestly, I try giving cops the benefit of the doubt but how do you excuse this one? My own take on it is that since so many folks agreed to this (doctors, cops, a judge) we're seeing further evidence of our cultural breakdown. If it were just a couple of bozos acting on their own (as recently happened in Texas when a woman was strip searched on the side of the road) we could give this a pass. Yet this incident needed the cooperation of several folks who would have had no day to day contact with each other. The doughnut gestapo maybe knew what judge would go for this but evidently they had to shop around a bit for a doctor and his staff that would acquiesce. It wasn't too difficult though. To easily find this number of malpracticing morons in the middle of the night should get more attention than a few chuckles while surfing the web.

When folks defiantly declare our police and military would never ever willingly act as members of a repressive authoritarian regime, they may want to think of incidents such as this first.

UPDATE: Evidently that part of New Mexico is a good place to avoid:

FWIW, the Navy used dogs to detect drugs when I was on active duty. They were famous for bogus "hits". All they seemed to do was allow some overpaid, under trained, arrogant schmuck in a security uniform to trash a man's locker or barracks room. As I said, they were famous for being wrong as a football bat.

On a lighter note, one set of enterprising sailors who knew their barracks was due for a K-9 search procured some pot, soaked it in water they'd boiled in their microwave, strained the liquid, added it to a full bucket and swabbed the deck. It had dried by the time "Fido" came through. According to reliable sources, the dog went nuts! I've always wondered how they could search a tiled floor after a hit like that, with some of the schmoes working Naval Security you can bet anything was possible.

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