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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Something that keeps me awake at night...

Things like this keep me praying for my special needs children:

So just what is the definition of "mentally ill"? Not too long ago homosexual attraction fit under that diagnosis in the DSM, nowadays we've almost swung to the opposite side on the plate on that one. Try opining that gay behavior is unnatural and somewhere in the ensuing clamor you'll be called "sick". They're not talking about a physical virus there either.

Once suicide becomes an option for the mentally ill, how soon will it be compulsory in some cases? The camel will have it's nose in the tent then, only a matter of time before the all wise, beneficent State will move on to a broader interpretation and implementation. All based on the common good of course.

Think it can't happen here? Check out the history of mandatory sterilization laws in this nation. States such as California and New York led the charge on that one. Under the category of "undesirable and not worthy of progeny" there were such conditions as compulsive masturbators (teenage boys, beware!), those of undesirable moral character (see "Buck vs. Bell" for a good example) and mental incompetents. That last group was described at some length in "War Against the Weak" by Edwin Black. One could qualify as mentally incompetent just by being ignorant of modern cultural icons. Those of us over fifty would really swell the ranks on that one!

Please understand that the push for these laws happened back in the early part of the 20th Century; a time we wouldn't consider terribly immoral and dismissive of the inherent value of human life. The laws WERE enacted in over half the states, although not enthusiastically enforced (due to popular disapproval) there are still survivors being paid off by for their abuse.

So when the modern culture starts going down this particular road in another fashion we should all pay real close attention. Because it wouldn't take much for "compassionate" legislation with lots of leeway for misinterpretation to be enacted.

Then one night there'd be a knock on the door before our local boys in blue burst in to take my three kids off. I'd give it about 5-10 years before that threat becomes really likely. By that time I'll be in my late sixties and not too physically capable of stopping anything but a bullet.

Yeah, I pray for my kids a lot. Every one of them falls on the autism spectrum. Call it paranoia, I truly hope that's all it ever is.

God's will be done, may He have mercy upon us all.

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