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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Zimmerman case and dogs not barking...

Okay, the Zimmerman trial is over but the furor continues. See the stories here, here, and here for a taste of whats going on.

Our self-styled masters are happily watching while the hoi-poli get their panties in a twist while ignoring the slight of hand being played out right in front of our eyes.

In the last week or so have we seen anything about Benghazi, the NSA monitoring of all communications (yep, Snowden's flight has gotten SOME press. It's a side issue to the problem he brought to light), the wiretapping of the AP by the FBI? Nope, I haven't seen much (if anything) either.

Instead of that we're fed sensationalist crap. Yeah, Zimmerman's trial held a lot of folks' attention. Many people could relate to either the defendant or the deceased youth he shot. Got it.

But that identification only served to allow us to be further divided. For this I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of our politicians. Examples can be found here, here and here.

Chief amongst them is what our Commander-in-Chief has said. Hey, didja notice that his words do NOTHING to pour oil on troubled waters, that they allow another opening for the topic of gun control (never let a crisis go to waste)?

The MSM continues it's love affair with all liberal thinking. as proven here. No oil on troubled waters from that quarter either. I originally thought they weren't giving a lot of coverage to the riotous aftermath that is now growing since the trial verdict came in due to a desire to help keep the lid on things. No such luck. If they'd actually been trying to tone down the violence the airheads I just cited would have been muzzled. So why are the incidents of unrest being downplayed by our own media so that the most reliable reporting comes from the likes of the BBC? My guess is that by keeping it off the front page there'll be more time for it to further evolve and take root. Then when it finally does hit the front page of our local fish wrap it will be accompanied by loud cries for our government to "do something" and the more drastic the better. Maybe by itself it can't be used for imposition of marital law, but toss in another Boston Marathon type bombing or Sandy Hook shooting and who knows what we'll be ready to accept in the way of our liberties being curtailed?

All of this goes on while those items we should actually be concerned about die a quiet death. Heard anything lately about Fast & Furious? Me neither. The questions about Benghazi are petering out of the news also. Ditto for the FBI wiretapping the AP. As previously mentioned the only thing we hear with any regularity about the NSA is an update on Snowden's whereabouts. The REAL questions are being ignored, questions such as "If this surveillance was so great how was it the Boston Marathon got bombed like it did?"

We're being played like a piano, the government and it's MSM lackeys might as well be Van Cliburn.

Look, I followed the Zimmerman trial as avidly as anyone else. But at the end of the day, just how important was it? Never mind my personal opinions on whether justice was done, anyone who spent five minutes reading this blog can figure that one out. The trial and verdict ARE-NOT-IMPORTANT!! Sensational courtroom drama comes and goes, we've seen the OJ trial, the Michael Jackson trial, the Kermit Gosnell trial, and the beat goes on. How much importance did ANY of these exercises in jurisprudence have for the average man on the street? The answer is Z-I-P-P-O.

Nowhere near as important as the erosion of our liberties. The things we should be getting riled up about are kept out of sight as much as possible. In their place we're offered a lot of intellectual fluff.

Well continue to see these charades played out. As more scandals come to light, more of them will be relegated to the back pages of the local fishwrap while "human interest" type stories take over the front page. Some kid in East Oshkosh will fall down a well and it'll be above the fold, dead center on Page One. At the same time any followup on the items I've already mentioned just MIGHT get some play on page ten.

While this goes on, the public in general will become more restless, they'll know theres more happening as they see or hear of riots in their area taking place. I'm not talking strictly about racial problems either. More and more discontent will grow and when the time is right and the powers that be feel they can do it, we'll see a nationwide crackdown on dissent. Suddenly the country's unrest will be acknowledged as our "fearless leaders" step up to the plate to address it. They'll declare martial law, impose curfews, silence all social media. Our nation will be in lockdown mode.

After that things start getting bad.

May God's will be done and may He have mercy upon us all.


sig94 said...

Bread and circuses. Flash something shiny in front of the lo info voters and off they go. Meanwhile, the country is falling apart and the government is busily planning to enslave every man jack of us.

Vigilis said...


You have your eyes on the ball, and there are too few of us who do.

Sooner or later, the crafty lawyers at the helm in D.C. will have their unanswered mysteries and schemes backfire on themselves! The incompetent bureaucracy will unwittingly expose their perfidy.

The vermin will have fooled and entrapped themselves. Just saying...

Subvet said...

Sig94 yep. I brought this same point up in our local fishwrap when they featured Angela Jolie's breast surgery above the fold on page one. Judging by the response to my letter, you'd have thought I'd advocating repeal of the 19th Amendment.

Subvet said...

Vigilis, I agree. Sooner or later it'll all blow up in their faces. Unfortunately John & Joan Q. Public will be left with the mess to clean up.

Dymphna said...

Please look at the Conservative Tree House, aka:

The Last Refuge

and this one, which I just found:

The Brenner Brief

WomanHonorThyself said...

you are so spot on with this my friend..the corruption in this govt is unparalleled and they continue to stoke the coals and divide us even further!..Bless u~!

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