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Saturday, April 06, 2013

I'm back and I don't like it!

Yes, I'm back. No, I don't like it. Why am I blogging again? Call it a conceit that somehow when crap like the following occurs, even fat old retired sub sailors have an obligation to speak out however they can. If this story gets aired in the local fishwrap much of whats written here will also get sent to the editor. You're either a part of the problem or a part of the solution, silence would be problematic.

What crap do I mean? This crap: and heres another take on it: (check out the comments, its why that one is included) and finally:

It appears the "presentation" was part of Equal Opportunity Training for the unit. I'm familiar with how that program was run in the Navy back in the 90's and doubt it's changed by much or is very different from one branch of the service to another.

It attracts a fair number of agenda driven individuals who are out on their own personal crusade to save the world as they see fit. In my own experience we had a mid level NCO (second class petty officer) who had memorized the DOD definition of sexual harassment by heart PRIOR to undergoing the training that certified her as a seminar leader (similar to the position of the "presenter" cited in this Army Reserve incident).

Was the sailor I mention on a self appointed mission from God to reform the Navy? Does a wild bear relieve himself in the woods? Same answer to both questions.

So I'd guess this particular Army "presenter" may have overstepped her bounds and is now being lightly reprimanded. I say "lightly" because while her attitude may reflect an extreme, it's a safe bet it isn't TOO extreme by standards of her peers and command. Again, I'm relying on my own experience with the EOP of the Navy two decades ago. So maybe I'm as wrong as a football bat. Doubt it.

Heres my point for this particular post: You can bet that the attitude driving this incident isn't far removed from the mainstream thinking of our average military member with no strong religious convictions. Not all armed forces personnel will think in this manner, maybe not the majority either. But a good portion will, a portion that is greater in size than a decade or so ago.

We have a volunteer military, so you can bet that it's a fair mirror of society at large. If it were modeled along the lines of Turkey or some of our southern neighbors it would probably be more isolated from mainstream thinking. Ours isn't isolated in that way and it's a good thing. Anyway, it follows that while the majority of Americans don't consider evangelicals and Catholics as religious extremists, a growing number do. If you doubt that then I suggest debating the topic of gay "marriage" at your lunch room table, mention the Catholic Church, the Mormons or any evangelical denomination while you're at it. Hope you're wearing rhino hide underwear, you may need it.

We who profess to follow Christ are becoming more marginalized, more counter cultural. That's as it should be. But remember that Christ promised His followers would be persecuted just as He was. While I doubt we'll be hung on a cross, I've a firm belief we're in for some rough times in the next few decades.

God's will be done, may He have mercy upon us all.


Mike in CT said...

I know under the circumstances you don't want to be back, but PattyinCT and I are certainly glad to see you here.

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus said...


I am glad you're back. Continue to proclaim the Word in season and out of season. And yes, we have to be extremist. Jesus was, so much so that He gave His life for us. Indeed, all the Apostles and Church Fathers were extremists. St. Paul appealed to Caesar knowing what would happen. St. Ignatius of Antioch forbade his disciples to rescue him from the lions' teeth in the Coliseum. So when you are called extremist, remember that you are in august company. God bless you, Subvet!

Sub RO, aka Ioannes from Commentarius de Prognosticis.

Steve Dalton said...

You're and I like it!

sig94 said...

I'm thinking along the same line. Gonna get interesting.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Subvet: Glad you are back, I have been checking every so often to see if you are back.

I believe this why Obama has allowed open homosexuals into the military, because homos despise Christians, especially Catholics because of their stand against homosexuality, and I don't think they would hesitate to kill kill Christians or anyone else who opposes their vile, unnatural and filthy life-style.

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