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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I quit.

Over the past few years it's become apparent that my kids are not getting the sort of religious instruction they need. In many ways our parish is great, we've a strong pro life movement, growing ministry to those parents with special needs kids, etc.

But as far as religious ed, well it ain't all it should be.

Maybe I expect too much from a group of folks who only see my kids for one hour every week during the school year. They can only do so much and maybe the heave lifting should be done by parents like myself who put their darlings in public schools (out of necessity in our case, private schools don't have the money or other resources to deal with special needs kids).

So school is now in session. I have just about no idea where to start, but anything they're taught will be an improvement over the "Jesus loves me" happy, clappy pap they're given. As I say, there probably isn't too much blame to be given our parish RE program. One hour a week isn't jack and if a parent isn't the one holding primary responsibility for passing on the Faith to their kids then who is? Isn't my family my first responsibility? Their grasp of God's will for us supersedes my opining on how the nation is going to hell and how soon the government will lock us all down in totalitarian fashion. These things may all happen, they've happened before in other lands. But knowledge of God's desires was paramount for believers then and will continue to be so in our own land. With the diminishing of our liberties it may be even more vital to have that knowledge, so that the will to resist is much stronger. It all starts in the home. My turn at bat and I'd better do my best.

So I'm quitting blogging for the most part. Not enough time for it right now. Maybe I'll post once in a while, I'll definitely keep up to speed with the alternative media, my family deserves the man of the house to know what wolves may come to the door. At the same time though I'll be using this computer more for education resources than anything else.

My blogging and Facebook days are coming to a screaming halt now.

Vaya con Dios folks. God's will be done and may he have mercy on us all.


Old Bob said...

Going to miss you, Subvet, BUT your family has to come first!
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! This is so cool! I wish you well. I will miss your bloggings, but I think this is so incredibly awesome! Go on with your bad self, takin' care of Spiritual business and what not!
You have my prayers and hopes that you'll turn your kids into little mean lean Catholic machines!

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Subvet, congrats on making the right choice. I'll miss your posts, but your family comes first.

Christopher said...

I have recently taken on the RE of the children using Seton's Books for Religion - I Highly Recommend them

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THIS is depressing!!
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