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Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's getting downright creepy....

So here's a post about the government buying up ammo, note the mention of the SSA:

Along with this we've an Administration that seems to be intentionally driving the economy into the toilet, gutting our military, increasing the surveillance of it's citizens (especially those of us who vote to the right of center), pushing for limiting our 2nd Amendment rights, disregarding any observance of religious freedom that might be at odds with their agenda. Plus we've a lapdog media that firmly refuses to report anything that might not fit into the approved script (e.g. no mention of the March For Life recently held in D.C. where almost half a million folks showed up). Winston Smith would tell us to be proud; we've our own version of the Ministry of Truth and it didn't even entail a violent installation of IngSoc.

Did I miss anything?

Hey, call me a defeatist, call me paranoid, call me whatever fits but I DO NOT believe simply electing a non member of the Democratic Party in 2016 will turn this nation around. We've gone too far down the road of self-destruction for that.

So whats going to happen? Hell if I know, but whatever it is won't be beneficial to the nation at large.

Will we avoid a Divinely inspired comeuppance ala Sodom & Gomorrah? If so will we descend into an Orwellian existence? Will there be any survivors of the former or organized resistance to the latter? Again; Hell if I know.

But I'm more of a mind than ever to not take anything for granted.

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sig94 said...

Creepy is only part of it. Ominous is closer I think. Something's in the wind and it doesn't smell good.

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THIS is depressing!!
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