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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Women in combat.

Here's the hyperlink:

This is D-U-M-B. It's dumb because our military didn't need any PC oriented "fixing". Until recently it was the best in the world. But the current Administration in Foggy Bottom is taking care of that, this latest change being one example.

This won't improve diddle squat. Women are not biologically/emotionally/mentally designed for combat. Period. End of story.

Lest someone accuse me of being a knuckle dragging misogynist who only wants the "fairer sex" placed in the kitchen minus their shoes I'll cite the following: A) My wife brings home the bacon, I'm "Mr. Mom" and have been for the last few years. FWIW, it ain't all bon bons and watching The View. B) My religion cites a woman as the most perfect human being to have ever walked the planet. Christ doesn't count as he was both God and Man. But his Blessed Mother was completely human and nothing else. You want perfection? IMO you'll find it in the female portion of our race.

But with rare exceptions, (e.g. Joan of Arc and she had plenty of angelic/saintly help) women aren't cut out for combat. It's a violent, brutish venue that is suited only for violent, brutish humans, i.e. males.

Women are busy at home making sure we actually have a civilization to come back to. Hey, let's face it, all a guy needs to get by is a bean bag chair and cooler filled with beer. Everything else is optional. It's a woman who brings refinement into our lives, who smooths over those rough edges we'd cheerfully hang onto if we could. Women make the world civilized, their role in our culture is at least if not undeniably more important than any man's.

So leave the brute work to the brutes, keep women out of combat.

Unfortunately that is no longer going to happen. Our world is poorer for it. It only tries to make both sexes the same and that is unnatural.

UPDATE: Heres a bit of information as to what awaits combat troops when they're in the field:

It's one thing to place "Suzie" aboard a submarine where she's almost guaranteed a shower at least every two days, dining in a real mess hall for every meal and use of freshly cleaned restroom facilities (they call them "heads") when necessary. This all takes place in an air conditioned environment which is cleaned top to bottom at least once a week (they call them "field days"). But going to war as a regular grunt will be a lot less comfy cozy.

Hell, I'll cheerfully admit that sub sailors gain an average of 10-15 lbs. every time they're underway for more than a month or so. It's pretty damned cushy if I do say so myself.

But groundpounders, grunts and other assorted dogfaced humans will never have it that good. "Suzie" and her sisters need to take note.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Here is comes. You see, I am a military brat--Marines to be specific. My Dad was infantry...
Some notes about what I saw when I would come to my Dad's office for a visit when I was little.
Young men. Rowdy, unrefined boys. Cursing with every other word (actually now a day girls everywhere are just as bad, but I get the feeling this is so they appear edgy and cool to the boys). As a ten year old girl I was continually being apologized to--but that was more because I was the boss's daughter, not solely because I was a girl. Tobacco chewing. Belching. Musty smells. Men who shoot things and get shot at for a living with crude and disturbing senses of humor that only they understand and it's a necessity. It's gallows humor, and it helps you to cope with bad situations. I should know, I've got a good sense of i, but it's not like theirs. It's sort of felt like a boys only club. These crass, emotionally scared grunts are either going to not appreciate girls in their club house or not care and continue to act as they always have, forcing the women who wedged themselves there to deal with it and rise, or sink to the occasion. They'll either have to continuously complain to their superiors or become boys themselves. I've seen the latter option occur--they are like men with hair buns.
And my father...he was respected and feared by his men. He had a way with them. To get him angry (and almost every little thing did) lead to the throwing of furniture, the kicking and punching in of doors, screaming in his loud booming voice. He was well known for that. When his superiors wanted the fear of God put into the men, they called my father. Do ladies really want to be in a place where it's perfectly okay (if not offically allowed, then encouraged under the table) for chairs to be thrown? don't think that they'll be able to waltz in and bring compromise, and 'dialog' into the infantry office.
This occurred at the beginning of the war. The war has gone on for over a decade now. Don't think that things have gotten better. My mother, who works for the government in a military installation has told me about how she can tell the difference between the admin marines versus the infantry marines. The admin boys are just that, boys--they're young, silly and rather protected by all of the paperwork. Infantry and other combat members? She says that you can just see in their faces and demeanor just how hardened and unsettled they are. She said they were like sharks and minnows. Marines are already rough around the edges--that's the culture. But combat adds a new level to it, and folks it ain't pretty.
And girls can't handle it. You know how I know? I know because the men can't even handle it at this point. My dad was on the front lines. Infantry. I assume he saw the worst of the worst. He had gone back and forth to Iraq and Afghanistan 6 or 7 times, and was actually in Kosovo during 9/11. And the end result? My dad is so screwed up in the head, it's not even funny. He's got more psychological problems than you can shake a stick at and he is so abusive now that I have spoken to him in three years to avoid the barrage of verbal abuse over the phone.

Anonymous said...

I grew up on a military base. I frequented the library. It was the hang out. So I noticed that one day on every bathroom mirror, in every bathroom stall that there were these little stickers that read: "If you or someone you know suffers from domestic abuse, call this number". Actually, these stickers aren't just in the library. They are in ever women's bathroom that I have visited, including the Burger King, the Wendy's, my mothers office. Everywhere. Domestic abuse has shot through the roof. So has suicide in the Marines. Families have been utterly destroy.I should know. Mine is one of them.
And wouldn't you know, the Marine corp isn't big on dealing with feelings. Sure, they have counselors, but he prevailing culture still encourages the avoidance of such things. It's a man's world, the military, and sitting on a couch and crying about your feelings just isn't manly enough for the culture to accept it. The people in charge promote it sure, and that's good as heaven knows these men need some therapy. But cultural undercurrents still trumps that advice. In order to fit in, the women will feel pressure to avoid therapy too, just like the men, probably more so so that they can be seen as one of the guys.
So you have a situation where the men, who, as Subvet said are hardwired to be able to handle combat (to a certain extent--there is no denying that my father should have been removed from the combat list, long ago) and after 10 years of war many of them are losing their minds. My father was a career military man. Nothing suited him like the military did. He is hard wired to handle things such as combat and such and that's probably why it took several tours of duty before he went completely nuts. You really think a woman can handle that? No matter how hard a girl tries she will never be able to undo her hard wiring. Acting, dressing, and talking like a boy will never change that. You're asking for trouble if you think that you can put women in a position that is already frying the minds of the men and not suffer serious ramifications about ten times faster. Do I really need to bring up the fact that women suffer depression at a higher frequency than men?
For every woman that goes into combat, except a 50% chance that she'll end up suicidal. This is exactly why I did not join the military. With the war, I knew that I could not handle being anywhere near combat (did I mention that you don't even have to be in combat to go crazy? One neighbor was a mail clerk who had gone to the middle east several times--he ended up beating up his wife and kid. HE WAS A MAIL CLERK! He didn't go into open combat. He was just close enough to it for it to affect him). See when my mother was in, it was peace time and she was admin. She said it was like college--lots of money, lot's of fun, lot's of peace. But now?...hell no, am I going into that military. I'd be weary of dating Marine's at this point because there is such a high chance of getting beaten or shot (there have been some instances of domestic homicide. You know, there was one attempted murder where the guy beat his wife up with a freakin' hammer--she lived and called the cops after he called and blamed it on someone else. This happened in my town).
God bless our troops. Heaven knows they need it. Just watch and wait to see this go horribly wrong like all the other crack-pot social experiments we've got going on. Men, women and children of all walks of life will be screwed so thoroughly, I don't even want to think about it... the current administration trying to usher in some bizarro utopia that they think will be perfect (despite the obvious signs to the opposite) or do they hate America for whatever reason and want to destroy it. So help me, if someone tries to start a draft sign up for women like they have for men, I will kick some liberals in the teeth. Oh and if they do away with the women and children first policy for evacuating ships and such...heads will roll...

Most Rev. Gregori said...

This is just one more way for the liberals to blur the lines between the sexes and to completely transform America. Obama needs to be stopped NOW, we cannot wait another four years. There will be nothing left by then.

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