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Friday, January 18, 2013

"Brown shirts" keeps running through my mind.

Honestly, this whole organization will be centered around Obama and the implementation of his policies. Doesn't that give anyone else the creeps?

Side note: as I keep saying, it won't be blacks that will enforce Dear Leader's wishes. It'll be white liberals. If you think thats unlikely, I recommend reading up on what happened to the Jews under the Nazis, one of the vital steps in instituting persecution was the selection of a Council of Jewish Elders who would deal with the Nazis. The implementation of the Final Solution never got anywhere if that didn't happen. I am NOT blaming the victim here, just citing history.

I'm currently reading "Eichmann in Jerusalem" by Hannah Arendt, it's loaded with half-forgotten or completely discarded tidbits like that.

In these days it's very easy to draw parallels between our current Administration and that of a former totalitarian government. Very easy.

Am I saying that white folk will be the new "Jews" of the 21st Century? Not hardly, But it's a subset of mostly whites who have been steadily demonized with increasingly vitriolic rhetoric. That group would be those deemed wealthy. To see how that might pan out, remember how property owners were treated under Mao in China. Once they were no longer the scapegoats it became the turn of the well educated. So persecution isn't necessarily based on race, ethnicity or religion. Just be a bit better off than everyone else, thats all it takes.

Things like this make me wonder about other items. Remember the recent stories concerning armor piercing ammo bought by various government agencies? Where is it, who has access to it? How about the increasing use of drones for surveilllance of our cities? Here's a bit more on that topic;

The current furor over our 2nd Amendment needs no further elaboration in this post.

Meanwhile, our Fourth Estate continues selectively reporting the news. An example of that will be the lack of or under reporting of the National March For Life to be held tomorrow, the 19th of January. If you're not familiar with it, here's the site: My money says it'll get diddle squat in the way of coverage, just like last year. Even if theres a butt ton of reporting on the event, the fact that it has been ignored by the MSM up till now adequately makes my point, i.e. we're being fed a diet of carefully edited news to help shape our views and opinions. Do I believe theres a conscious effort for most of this? No, for as Bernard Goldberg wrote in "Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News" it doesn't take much conscious thought if you're surrounded by like minded folks.

But the result is the same. We're being steadily brainwashed for "our own good", taught to accept more restrictions on our freedoms and greater interference from the Nanny State. Here's another example:

So in the end we may all find ourselves at the Chestnut Tree Cafe, drinking our Victory Gin and toasting the health of Big Brother.


Steve Dalton said...

SV, I don't know about this idea that blacks won't be used to enforce Barry's dictates. During the reconstruction era after the Civil War, black troops were used to humiliate the white population of the south. So I wouldn't put it pass him to do this.

Subvet said...

Steve, it's one thing to have black troops ordered (and whether they agreed with the orders or not is unimportant) to perform their duties in a color blind way in the Deep South after the Civil War. It's another to assume the average black man on the street in present day America is aching to put the white man down.

Steve Dalton said...

SV, "the average black man" voted overwhelmingly for Barry. They're also knee-jerk supporters of con-artists like Jesse, Al, and Louie. All of these race hustlers prea
ch hatred of the white man. Sorry to say, I can't find it hard to believe they would leap at a chance to grind their Nike's into our faces if Bamy gives them the opportunity.

Black troops were used to deliberately to grind white southroners into the ground. That was the one of the reasons for the harsh segregation laws that were passed in the post-reconstruction era. The whites didn't want it to happen again.

Subvet said...

Steve, of course they voted for him. Just as a lot of Catholics (especially Irish-Americans) voted for JFK. Solidarity with one's own kind is nothing new, why not expect it of blacks as well as whites? Furthermore, supporting Obama in two elections doesn't mean the overwhelming majority of black Americans are drooling at the thought of instituting a totalitarian regime run along racial lines.

As for the black troops in post Civil War South, they were ALWAYS under the command of white officers. Nor did they "grind white southerners into the ground", they just had the temerity to carry out their assigned duties the same as a bunch of white troops would have. The humiliation you mention was a matter of perception, a good portion of whites couldn't accept the idea of a black man dealing with them on a level playing field.

White southerners not only had a hard time accepting the idea of free blacks, they feared the eventual demand of equality. THAT was the driving force behind the segregation laws. The whites south of the Mason-Dixon Line weren't alone in this, many abolitionists in the North couldn's accept the notion of equality either. The blacks of the time knew this, they knew even the strongest foes of slavery were often vocal opponents of equality. That white mindset and black recognition of it has left a legacy thats lasted to the present and which the race hustlers you mention very eagerly capitalize on.

Nevertheless, if push came to shove for the establishment of a totalitarian state in this nation it wouldn't be along strictly racial lines. It would be promoted and carried out by zealous liberals and their dupes in unions, schools and various government agencies. Most liberal activists are white as rice. The dupes I mention are of all colors. When the new Brown Shirts come marching through your neighborhood you can bet it'll be a true Rainbow Coalition.

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