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Friday, December 21, 2012

Tipping points....

Here's a recent story from the website of the Washington Post:  The Unapologetic NRA---and what it means.

Let me state from the start that I have no use whatsoever for Wayne LaPierre. I've felt that way ever since the early 90's when I received a letter from the NRA that he'd written talking about "jackbooted thugs of the ATF". Sorry folks, that sort of rhetoric turns me cold. Therefore Hell can freeze before I join the NRA with LaPierre running the show.

But he makes a valid point. Yep, we're encouraged to climb aboard the gun control wagon and completely ignore any inconvenient truths that call the gun grabbers' agenda into question. One of the prime truths is the way violence is touted in our culture. If you don't think movies, music etc. shape acceptance of various behaviors then why do we no longer see someone casually light up a cigarette on the silver screen as we once did? It's been strongly discouraged because none of the ruling elite want to imply cigarette smoking is ever okay.

So if we'll nonchalantly accept that line of reasoning as regards smoking, why not for other behaviors? I'm thinking of violence, casual sex, etc.

So LaPierre is right on that one.

Also, am I the only one that notices a less than neutral tone in the reporting of his speech? Nothing like objectivity, nothing like it at all.

The article is wrong though when it implies we'll only see business as usual regarding gun control. Nope, I'm thinking we HAVE reached a tipping point. Thanks to the involvement of the Fourth Estate in this and other contentious issues of our day, plus a completely selfish mindset in too many fellow Americans. It's set the stage for a lot of change coming down the pike.  A greater push for gun control is one of many.

Those others would include a greater push for acceptance & legalization of gay marriage. Perhaps acceptance is the wrong term, all too often outright endorsement and advocacy is deemed the minimum standard. Other areas will include a greater silence on what our military is doing in the world as it's used to support unsavory characters such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The silence will also cover the cost in the lives of our service members it entails, they'll be treated as expendable assets and nothing more. Another example will involve the further breakdown of parental responsibility and involvement in the lives of minor aged children (over the counter contraceptives sold to teens and abortions minus parental consent are prime examples). We'll here more and more how such practices are endorsed by leading pediatricians and "experts" on children. Any dissenters will be treated as Luddites and Know Nothings. We can also expect euthanasia to be sold as "merciful and necessary" soon. After all, who wants "Granny" to suffer the physical and mental decline inherent in her Golden Years? Better (we'll be told) to kill her off while it's still economically feasible.

These items have been building up steam for a while, now it'll all hit the fan. Nor do I blame Obama, he and his supporters are only figureheads in all of this cultural deterioration.

Our nation as we knew it has died. Trying to get back to where we once were would be like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube it came out of.

What can we do? I recently read of how many traditionally minded folks have turned their backs on national politics in order to concentrate on local issues. Evidently the thought is to work from the ground up. The writer of the story felt this was a mistake, he's wrong.

This is what we have to do, i.e. start with our families and work outward. Face it, that's whats left now that the popular culture has become so filled with rot. We work within our homes and neighborhoods, salvaging what we can and hoping for a rebirth that we'll never live to see.

Not too cheerful, but it is what it is.

God's will be done, may He have mercy on us all.


Steve Dalton said...

I don't understand your criticism of Wayne LaPierre use of the phrase "jack bootted thugs" in reference to the actions of the ATF, especially at Waco? Do you really believe the actions of the ATF and the FBI at Waco and Ruby Ridge wasn't outright thuggery? That the women and children who were killed by both agencies were scum who deserved to die at the hands of these Janet the Lezzie Reno lackeys? Sorry SV, but you're dead wrong o n this one.

Subvet said...

Steve Dalton, when LaPierre or anyone else paints the ATF and FBI with such a broad brush I'm reminded of how the military was treated after My Lai. We were all baby killers until proven different. That was just water rolling off my back, but I knew some men who went to Nam for no other reason than the Church had taught them to obey authority figures even when they didn't agree with them. One of those was my cousin who came back blinded by friendly fire.

I'm also reminded of opportunists such as John Kerry and his testimony during the "Winter Soldier" hearings where he calmly claimed knowledge of physical torture and murder done by our troops. During his recent bid for the Presidency, when confronted with the proof it was all bogus BS, he laughed it off as a mistake of his youth.

Yeah right.

In the case of LaPierre and his inflammatory letter I see the same mindset, different targets.

Waco was a fuckup from jump street. Ditto for Ruby Ridge. The coverup and excuses are an open indictment against our government and a source of national shame. But lumping every member of the ATF/FBI in with the fools involved with those incidents is a mistake.

Nope, I'm not dead wrong. Nor will I rejoin the NRA as long as Wayne LaPierre is associated with that organization.

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