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Friday, November 09, 2012

The election was a good thing...

Because now the battle lines are clearly drawn, what happens from here on will be the stuff of history lessons. Imagine that, some day some damned fool romantic kid will pine for the chance to live what we're about to endure. He/she will sigh, "I wish I could experience those things and prove myself". By the time the dust settles, many of us will fervently hope they get their stinking wish! Misery does love company!

On thinking about the current cesspool our nation dove into, I'm glad to be at this point of my life. Twenty years earlier and I'd have still been trying to get both feet back onto planet Earth after a misspent youth. Twenty years later and I've have been almost useless, not too many eighty year old men can assume they've enough time to help their families weather the storm of religious persecution and economic chaos, both of which I firmly believe those of us who hold traditional Christian beliefs will endure.

Being sixty at this time isn't what I'd want normally, but God's will be done. At least both sides of my family have routinely seen members live well into their late eighties if they stayed off the booze, hard drugs and cigarettes. So chances are I'll be around to help my young kids weather this.

Those of us like myself, someone who daily attempts to discern God's will in this world, can now more clearly see who to count on and who not to. Our work is more clearly defined, a lot of the gray areas are gone. Let's face it, the nation opted for a party that strongly protested any mention of God in their platform, a party that is cheerfully embracing those who would kill humans at both ends of life in the name of expedience, a party that works to remove all traditional values from the national scene. It's also a party that makes no bones about it's intentions to punish all dissenters. Now we'll get to see who wants to be IN the Church and who just wants to play "Church".

God's will be done, may He have mercy on us all. Time to go to work.


Mike in CT said...

Lines clearly drawn, as you say. I've been told that I can be very diplomatic. But the time of diplomacy is over. I have no more patience for "pro-choice Catholics". Done.

Old Bob said...


Subvet said...

Mike, to every thing there is a time and season. It's time to recall how effectively Christ tipped over tables and kicked ass.

Subvet said...

Old Bob, it's my pleasure.

Scott W (thetrog) said...

Ah, horse hockey. We knew the lines were drawn before. This just reveals that we've been wasting time before getting ready.

Subvet said...

Scott W, true enough for those who haven't gone through life with blinders. For the most part, we never took the Kool-Aid. But this election AND the results of it will make it increasingly difficult for the willfully blind to remain so. We can always hope.

Mike in CT said...

Scott, yes, we already knew where the lines were drawn, but now w e know more of who's on which side...

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THIS is depressing!!
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