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Monday, September 10, 2012

More about the DHS ammo purchases....

No, I don't believe we're dealing with an international cabal of bankers, socialists, etc. IMO that part of the article is nutso. Nor is this the final stage of a long standing plan, coming to fruition at this time. Nope, nutso again.
But many of the other points I consider valid. The jump in ammo purchases under the current Administration, the type of ammo purchased, the increasing use of drones by our police forces. These all raise questions that aren't getting a lot of attention.
I believe the current Administration is going to win the election this November. All I have to do is read the letters to the editor of the local fishwrap. For a paper in a "red" state, it sure does contain a lot of pro Obama missives. Add to that many of the chance comments, opinions and other tidbits I come across in my daily travels and right now I'd put the Presidential race at even steven for both sides. This is after four years of an ongoing train wreck that surpasses the Carter years? WTF? I can only surmise We The People have been fed the liberal Kool Aid over the years to the point that it's taken as a staple in our political diet. Do I believe it's the product of a formal conspiracy? No way no how. But the end result will be the same, i.e. four more years of Obama & Co.
That'll be just the start. We've already seen how he'll play fast and loose with the Constitution, (e.g. flouting the War Powers Act in the campaign against Libya). Once he's firmly in the saddle we can expect an intensified push for repealing the 22nd Amendment. Then life gets REAL interesting!
Do I believe theres some shadowy paramilitary group just waiting in the wings to be fully armed and unleashed upon the American public? Nope. Do I believe our military will cheerfully open fire on the civilian populace when commanded to do so? Nope again. Nor do I think we're seeing an enactment of what happened in "A Clockwork Orange" where the thugs were given badges and made the police of a nation. ( I'm referring to the book, which wasn't half as bad as the movie, although the use of violent criminals as police happened in both.).
So who would be issued all the stockpiled ammo? Hellfiknow. But our military ARE conducting training exercises in the continental USA. These exercises start with the scenario of right wing extremists committing acts of aggression. If you train enough people in such a scenario long enough, when the time comes to subdue the civilian population you can bet the troops (and anyone else who matters) will be sufficently indoctrinated to follow orders. How long would it take for that to become an unquestioned possible occurance in the minds of the average American, both in and out of uniform? Again, I don't know.
This sort of exercise doesn't have to be strictly military in nature either.
This isn't just the product of my fevered imagination. I've spoken to various people over the past few years, a missionary who got booted our of Venezuela, a few former LEO's from various points in the country, a Dominican friar who had spent some of his youth in China, etc. Putting all the pieces together from the various conversations leads me to my present conclusions. Boy are we ever screwed.
The ones I fear for the most are my children. Two are autistic, with the growing acceptance of euthanasia I can only pray they're never caught up in a modern version of "Action T4". Is there such an acceptance? I believe so. Just try talking about "mercy killings" and see how much sympathy there is now as contrasted to just a few decades ago. It's like listening to a lot of fencesitters concerning the topic of abortion, i.e. "I'd never do it but I can understand why someone else would." IMO it gets pretty scary.
Paranoia? Maybe. But how many of the decent people in Germany's Wiemar Republic could have foreseen in the close of the 1920's where their nation was headed? How different did it become in just a few short years? How much of the ensuing change could be laid at the feet of a misinformed or uninformed electorate? How similar are we to that right now?
God's will be done and may He have mercy on us all.


ignorant redneck said...

What's scary about the ammo purchases is this--we have paid for the DHS to have enough small arms ammo on hand to fight a war on the same scale as that in Afghanistan for 8 years.

Subvet said...

IR, stand by for it's only going to get real nasty real soon. Just MHO but there it is.

ignorant redneck said...

Standing by, athwart the tide of history with a White Castle in one hand, the infamous finger of the other pointing skyward, shouting You! at the powers of iniquity.

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