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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama on gay marriage.

So Obama has come out in support of gay marriage. Big "whoop"!

IMO this was done to gain votes from those groups who like thinking they're outside the mainstream of American thinking. The groups I'm thinking of include the youth (historically a politically apathetic group unless they see the chance to adopt an "outrageous" stance), the self-styled "intelligentsia" of our culture (who, like many youth, search for a way to set themselves apart from the "herd") and those of the gay population who won't see this as the cynical political ploy it is.
It's only politics as usual, this time taken to a depth we've not seen recently.

I say "taken to a depth" because it only serves to further divide many of us. Who really gives a rat's ass about their neighbor's sexual preferences? Really. Yes in my own experience those who activly practice homosexual behavior serious emotional & mental issues further exacerbated by their lifestyle. I also feel the same about active alcoholics & drug addicts, prostitutes, anyone who routinely self-mutilates (including multiple body paintings/piercings). But do I "hate" any of the aforementioned groups? No. Nor do I favor forceful coercion in the way of mandatory behavorial counseling, reparative therapy, etc. I've enough trouble keeping my own ass out of Hell, theres no time for me to micromanage someone else's salvation.

Back to the main topic. Obama is cynically using this unnecessary endorsement of gay marriage to get reelected. It's unnecessary because there is no persecution of gay couples by the government. There are no laws prohibiting same sex couples from living together, the adoption of children by them is a growing trend, there are Christian denominations that actively welcome gay couples. The list goes on and on. Please don't bring up the old "can't visit their dying lover in the hospital" crap, in this day and age it isn't an issue. FWIW, that same ban was used against unmarried heterosexual partners of the dying. Bottom line; gays are more accepted than not in our culture.

The real persecution is against those of us who don't agree with the active endorsement of this lifestyle. Catholic organizations have been shut out of the adoption business because of the Church's stand on active homosexuality, at least one denomination found itself sued when it refused to rent a facility to a lesbian couple, the MSM wastes no time in ginning up hate and discontent whenever a relgion (except Islam) takes a stand against homosexual behavior. This is where the real lack of tolerance is being seen.

The intolerance for traditionally minded folk is only further exacerbated by this pronouncement by our Chief Executive. He couldn't be ignorant of it, it seemingly makes no difference to him if it helps his reelection. Needlessly inflaming the passions of the easily outraged (on both sides) is of no consequence, it's just an ends to a means.

Making an issue out of who sleeps with who is ridiculous. But such is our culture at this time.


Jordan said...

You probably guessed I'd have something to say about this. :) This is a pretty long comment, so apologies in advance.

You're not the only one who is annoyed and confused that Obama waited until now to make some sort of declaration. Why wait until after Amendment 1 passed in NC? Why not say something before? Also, a lot of people suspect that Obama has deliberately concealed his support for gay marriage in the past in order to court voters. Plenty of liberals are speculating that his sudden declaration has a lot more to do with polls than a personal shift in opinion, so you're not alone!

"[T]here is no persecution of gay couples by the government."

I'm going to have to differ, because there's a good chance DOMA is going to cause me real problems soon. :(

You'll remember what happened to my first partner last year, no doubt. Well, it's fairly recent, but I'm officially in a relationship now. Having learned from the horrible events when Jamie died, I don't plan on leaving it nine years until I decide to make a legal commitment.

The only problem is, he's American. Thanks to DOMA, that is a really, really big problem.

You see, under DOMA, even if we get married or civil…ly… union…ise…ationed…? Um, whatever the heck we're meant to get instead of married in some places, it won't be recognised by the federal government.

Which means I can't get a green card.

Which means he has no choice but to to leave the country he was born in so that we can get married.

You might think that's the end of it. He comes to Britain and we can get domestically partnershipalisationatedismed or whatever, and fine, maybe he's left home, but at least DOMA can't hurt him when he's not even in the country.


Wrong. :(

Non-resident US citizens still pay income tax, albeit at a reduced rate. Normally, benefits he'd receive as my spouse—such as the private health insurance I get through my employer—don't count. However, DOMA means that he's not considered to be legally married or civillydomesticalunicornwhateverized in the States, so they count as taxable income on his tax returns.

Let me repeat that for emphasis, because it's so crazy that when I first read it, I couldn't quite believe it: he gets taxed for any benefits he receives because his homeland does not consider us to be spouses. While living in Britain, a country where he would be legally recognised as my husband.

Am I the only person who thinks this is absolutely crazy?!

There is a chance I could get an H-1B visa, though it's a long-shot. What happens then?

Let's say that we get recognised married by the state. That should make things easier.

Except that now, we will need to file four tax returns. You read that right! We'll need to file a "dummy" joint federal return, a joint state return and two separate federal returns. Also, I get counted as a "head of household" rather than his spouse, which might mean a higher tax rate; and he has to pay federal income tax on any benefits he gets through my employer. Things are so complicated that we'll probably have to hire professional help to file. And, ultimately, I still need to leave when my visa expires.

This is all still hypothetical; we just want to know what our options are, and they're not good.

Again, sorry for the monster comment, but I don't think people are aware of quite how bad the situation is for same-sex couples with foreign partners under DOMA. Tax Planner CPA has some more information about the sort of crazy tax situation we might find ourselves in if we tie the knot!

Subvet said...

Jordan I was hoping for a response from you.

"This is a pretty long comment, so apologies in advance." No apologies needed.

"I'm officially in a relationship now." Congratulations! Hope it works out for you.

I had no idea DOMA presented the problems you describe. The way it ties in with the IRS shouldn't surprise me, THAT entity is the Devil's spawn!

"Am I the only person who thinks this is absolutely crazy?!" Nope, not hardly. It's nuts!

Wow. Well I know you read this blog often enough that you're aware I've always thought our military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was trouble waiting to happen and it has. Since I'm unfamiliar with DOMA I've never thought much about it. But it sounds like more of the same.

You also know my religious/personal beliefs. Without needlessly bringing them into the discussion I'll say that the government SHOULDN'T legislate morality in the specific manner that DOMA does. It doesn't work, it only pisses people off, in the long run moral arguments should be won outside whatever legislative body runs a nation. Just my opinion. It also runs counter to my Church's teaching on subsidiarity (I know, I promised not to bring it up. Hey, I tried!).

I'll pray for both you and your partner, that God protect you both and bring you happiness.

On a related topic, if you're ever back in the States and around the Dallas area of Texas, let me know. The wife and I are always looking for reasons to show off our family, cooking and the hospitality of Casa Subvet.

Jordan said...

"Congratulations! Hope it works out for you."

Thanks Subvet. :) I think you'd like him, actually. For one thing, he hails from Georgia, and he's worried about us living in San Francisco in case he ends up surrounded by overly-smug liberals. ;)

"The way it ties in with the IRS shouldn't surprise me, THAT entity is the Devil's spawn!"

Hahaha!! Can't argue with that! Actually, part of the problem is that the US is the only industrialised nation that taxes citizens who live overseas on their overseas income; there's a fairly substantial number of straight married people abroad who renounce their citizenship. In other words, they could fix the tax problem without touching DOMA.

"You also know my religious/personal beliefs. Without needlessly bringing them into the discussion…"

Feel free to bring them up—If I wanted a liberal echo chamber I'd join Democratic Underground. ;) This is your blog, I like talking to someone who doesn't agree with me about every last thing.

"[I]n the long run moral arguments should be won outside whatever legislative body runs a nation."

Another reason you'd like Ben: he believes that too. For example, he doesn't think that gay marriage should be legalised by judicial or legislative fiat because people will resent it; instead, he thinks it should be something that people vote on, so that if/when it becomes law people know it's because of widespread agreement instead of it being forced upon them. I actually disagree with him, but you'd two would probably see eye-to-eye.

I should mention that there are actually ways around some of these laws without legalising gay marriage. For example, there's something called the Uniting American Families Act, which doesn't say anything about the government recognising same-sex marriages, just that it will recognise "partners" for the purposes of immigration decisions.

I'm applying for jobs stateside right now; if I get an H-1B, both of us will be able to work in the US, at least temporarily. If I get an interview in or near Dallas, I'll be sure to drop you a line—thanks so much for the offer!

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