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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Embracing a political third rail.

Some of the "progressives" seem bent on focusing the debate over the HHS mandate solely on the topic of contraception. Fine, let's do it.

(Disclaimer: With the exception of the first wife, every woman I've dealt with used contraception. My current wife and I are no longer able to have kids, so the question is now moot)

Far too many people are treating this like an untouchable subject, maybe it's time we dragged the damned thing into the center ring and shone a spotlight on it. After all the Pill has been approved for use in the USA since 1960, we should now be able to objectively draw some conclusions about it.

Does it or does it not increase the risk of breast cancer and other diseases? Theres a lot of information stating it does, shouldn't our feminazis want to air this topic to either publicize the dangers or kill the misconceptions?

Does increased use of birth control drugs lead to increase promiscuity, especially in the young? Again, theres a lot of information about sexual behavior both before 1960 and afterwards, shouldn't anyone concerned with the welfare of the young want to address this?

What have been the cultural pluses and minuses of birth control? By this time shouldn't sociologists be able to draw conclusions?

What demographic changes have been wrought? This goes back to the sociologists.

Is the increased use of contraceptives tied to an increased abortion rate? If so, shouldn't the effectiveness or lack of it be addressed when speaking about The Pill?

Since the HHS mandate is being framed the way it is, why not jump headlong into the fray about contraception instead of backpedaling away?

Lets really get into it. If it loses the election for Republicans/conservatives, well so be it. It's time to unequivocally own up to who we really are as a nation. Force all the moral fencesitters to either give Moloch a full embrace or kick his ass out and start trying to live God's will as best we can.


PattyinCT said...

Yeah, but in order to have critical analysis, we would need some form of objectivity. A true fence sitter would need to test it out. There aren't too many of those people left:(

sig94 said...

What? A debate on moral issues? Harrumph!

*We've moved beyond that now!

*Liberal translation: we're afraid to talk about it because we don't have answers.

Subvet said...

Patty, too true.

Subvet said...

Sig94, morals are kryptonite to the self-styled super human libs.

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