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Friday, December 23, 2011

Persecution on the rise...

I guess the idea of religious freedom was great while it lasted, seems it's on the decline and most notably in the Middle East: Christianity May Be Eradicated in Iraq and Afghanistan, Says Chair of U.S. Religious Freedom Commission

Evidently the idea of immigrating away from persecution and into Western society isn't as easy as it sounds either: Christians in Imminent Danger Across the World Are Refused Refugee Status While Muslim Refugee Immigration Goes Unimpeded

I'm sure I'm not the only naive fool that thought after the USA invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, the non Muslim natives would at least be allowed to leave. You'd think we'd insure that but I guess our PC leadership under both Bush and Obama had better things to do. Noted.

I'll note that while we here in the United States aren't anywhere near to what the Christians are suffering in the Middle East, we're starting to see a lot less empathy from the government in our dealings with them. Think back to the DHS memo that listed likely sources of "right wing extremists". Chief amongst those listed were anyone focused on a single issue such as abortion. Just how many non Christian groups figure prominently in the fight against murdering the unborn?

Also think of how traditional (read Judeo/Christian) values are disregarded by the current Administration, remember the persecution perpetrated against supporters of Prop. 8 in California. Chief amongst those supporters were the Mormons (if you don't want to consider them "Christian" I suggest reading Mk 9:38-41). I could cite several other examples, but I'm sure anyone reading this blog is familiar with them and many others.

So the enviornment here in the USA is becoming more hostile also.

I wouldn't bet on any turnaround come January of 2013 either. The GOP, even if they win the election (doubtful IMHO) is more than willing to cater to the loudest voices. Those are more than likely to be secular athiests.

We've the curse of living in interesting times. Whoop-dee-dew-dah-day.

And as bad as it will be for us, pity the Jews. There will be no need for those with anti-Semitic feelings to dissemble and lie.

Stand by folks, it'll get a lot worse before it gets better.

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THIS is depressing!!
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