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Monday, November 07, 2011

About the latest assault on Herman Cain...

So now the latest accuser of Herman Cain has risen from the sewer. As you may be able to tell from that comment, I'm not convinced.

1) Even if it were true, this doesn't qualify as sexual harassment. The woman wasn't working for Cain, she was trying to get his backing in finding employment. I'd think it would only qualify as harassment if he could threaten her with dire consequences should she refuse his advances. At best he made unwanted sexual advances, which ceased as soon as she said "No".

2) Again, even if it were true, she's playing the naive waif too much. Let's see, she had her hotel accommodations unexpectedly upgraded, she's wined and dined by the man she's come to see. Then they take an evening ride to "check out the offices of the National Restaurant Association". Right. Sounds an awful like "I went up to his room to see his etchings". No clue whatsoever he might want something more? What planet has this bimbo been living on? Wherever it is, they suffer a deficiency of oxygen. Hell, I've known of guys who made advances after providing free donuts to the right bimbo (she accepted too!). This woman supposedly didn't think anything else was required?

FWIW, it only cost the sailor involved with the "pastry princess" a single donut. No, it wasn't yours truly either.

3) So she returns home and for well over a decade stays mum about the event, only coming forward when Cain runs for President. Right. Noted. BTW, why didn't she come forward when he ran for President in 2000 or for the Senate in 2004? Does his newly found prominence in the political arena now merit somebody's attention?

4) Okay, so much for "what if it's true". I don't believe it. No way, no how. As point #3 states, she could have come forward a lot sooner but didn't. Why?

5) This woman has an interesting background to say the least: . I recommend clicking on the link and reading the story. Suffice to say, it does zippo to enhance her credibility ( TWO declarations of bankruptcy??)

6) Isn't it just too cutely coincidental that the first three claims against Cain were easily dismissed due to a lack of any details, so #4 comes on the scene with a detailed description of the entire evening? We now know that the woman wore a pleated skirt, Cain wore a suit with his shirt open, etc. The devil is in the details I guess.

I can't seem to fit this anywhere else, but am I the only one who feels there is just something worth noting in the fact that this woman is from Chicago?

7) I'm wondering whats next if this fails to gain sufficient traction? Will the next allegation have Herman Cain spending a wild weekend of debauchery, with enough sexual kinks, perversions and quirks to make an aircraft carrier's Singapore port call look like a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel?

8) One last observation. According to this poor lass, Herman Cain wanted to "get some" in the front seat of the car he drove. Look, the man is presently 65 years old. At the time of this incident he'd have been 53-54. I think most men who get to that age and are able to afford upgrading the hotel suite for the object of their affection will want to go use those same digs. He paid for 'em for crying out loud, and there'd be a hell of a lot more room in the bed than the car seat. Less likely to get busted by a cop or attract the attention of any nosy passerby too. Speaking strictly for myself, once I was able to afford a room after finding myself divorced (again) I got one and used it whenever I was "lucky". Only horny and broke teenagers try doing it in the car fer crying out loud!

Just my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally in agreement with you on this one.

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