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Monday, June 06, 2011

On Palin, Paul Revere and head fakes...

So Sarah Palin seemed to make a colossal "uh-oh" in saying that Paul Revere warned the British. I honestly thought it was just another oopsie, kind of like B.O. saying there are 57 states or Ronald Reagan stating trees generate carbon dioxide. No biggie, everybody screws up except the guy who does absolutely nothing and that by itself can be a screwup. So there. End of story.

Well it turns out Palin knew exactly what she was talking about. Check this out from the L.A. Times:

I don't think it was an accident this happened. Palin is a lot smarter than most give her credit for. I'd bet my next retirement check she laid this particular trap for her MSM detractors just to see how they'd take it and run. She's sharp, really sharp.

So sharp I wouldn't be surprised if this whole "see America" tour of hers in NOT a prelude to a run for President in 2012. She keeps playing coy on the topic, which increases the attention she gets. I'm willing to bet when the time comes to formally declare her candidacy she'll step back and basically say, "Honestly folks, I never said I'd run and I have no ambition to. Hey, thanks to all the lies, half-truths and outright BS generated against me I'm so politically toxic I glow in the dark so what are the chances I'd succeed?"

Then she'll throw her support behind someone else, my bet is on Michele Bachmann but it could be Herman Cain. It WILL NOT be Romney, Pawlenty or any RINO.

After that Sarah Palin will retire from the public view, laughing all the way to the bank on how she snookered all her MSM detractors and their liberal allies.

Revenge is a dish best served cold and I'd say she's dishing it out right now.


Stacy Trasancos said...

Haha. I've learned never to underestimate her. I do wonder what she's up to!

Subvet said...

Stacy Trasancos, I think too many people on both sides of the political aisle HAVE underestimated her and will live to regret it. She's tough, smart and beholden to none.

This could get real entertaining.

MightyMom said...

in other words you're saying she's never left the wilds of Alaska.....she just changed her prey....and her bait.

Mary Ellen said...

It looks like Howard Dean is warning is Dems that they shouldn't underestimate Sarah Palin. Although I think even that thick-headed Dean is seeing that just about anyone who is breathing could beat Obama if the economy continues on this slide. Once the major inflation starts...which it will...he's toast.

Anthony S. Layne said...

Political shrewdness and common sense will go a lot further than "book smarts" most of the time. I find it fascinating that in three years Sarah Palin has come from relative obscurity as governor of Alaska to be a very powerful "wild card" in national politics. The progressives can laugh about how "stupid" she is ... that's just whistling in the dark.

Subvet said...

MightyMom, a hunter is a hunter no matter where they go. The same holds true for mama grizzlies.

Subvet said...

Mary Ellen, we can only hope. I don't put anything past this Administration.

Subvet said...

Anthony S. Layne, it's amazing how someone who is supposedly so inept and stupid keeps riling up the libs and their MSM allies.

Bill said...

She also snookered a Fox reporter, Chris Wallace.

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