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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Say goodbye to our military excellence.

Obama to sign law ending military gay ban

That sucking sound you'll soon hear will be from the speedy exit of a lot of good men & women leaving the armed forces. God have mercy on us.


Adrienne said...

Help me out here. Wouldn't the UCMJ still be in effect? In other words - DADT was better than no DADT 'cause the code still says you can't wank each other. How's that going to work?

Adrienne said...

Besides - can you imagine some fag walking into the mess hall holding another fag's hand? (Unless, of course, he was totally insane.)

I think what will happen is absolutely nothing except with the girl homo's who dominate (not a pun, really) the female services.

Cookie..... said...

Not so sure Subvet. Let me be clear, I don't condone homosexuality, don't like it and I find it completely unnatural, repulsive and disgusting. Now for the BUT.

I firmly believe that any person, male or female, regardless of their sexual preferrences who is willing to put themselves in harms way for their country is OK in my book and has my respect.

You and I were on "the boats", and that is certainly a place where one really doesn't want a homosexual present, but if that person leaves me alone and isn't a flaming drag queen in his/her off duty hours, then I could live with that.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there have always been closet gays in our military, some of them were hero's and/or died heros saving their fellow, or just did the duty asked of them. I'm sure that you and I have met fellow shipmates we suspected as gay, and probably were, but as long as they did their jobs we overlooked it.

Any clear thinking, rational service individual who looks at it this way (that the person has placed his/her self in harms way for their nation) could find it within themselves to at least be tolerant of that person. I guess we'll all have to wait and see what shakes out on this one huh!

Subvet said...

Adrienne, we can rest assured that any contradictions with the UCMJ will be quickly resolved in favor of activist gays.

As for nothing happening, I hope you're right. But IMO while the vast majority of gays wouldn't arrogantly push an agenda there will be a significant minority that will make life miserable for everyone as they try proving a point.

Subvet said...

Cookie, I'll roger up on the long time presence of gays prior to DADT. Hell, back in 76-78 I was stationed on a boat where the leading first class sonarman was obviously homosexual. We all knew, he kept in his pants until he went home on the weekends, therefore nobody cared and everything was fine.

But DADT should never have been passed, once it was passed it should never have been rescinded. IMO taking it off the books gives a green light to the activist gays who wish to publicly push their lifestyle. Making the topic such a big issue created the platform they need.

Now that gays will be openly admitted to the military, what happens in regards to base housing when a couple that is "married" in Massachusetts apply for quarters?

What happens when a chaplain speaks out against homosexual practices? Will a serviceman's freedom of religion take a back seat to freedom of association?

I don't know your experience with woman in the Navy who walked around with a chip on their shoulders after sexual harassment became an issue, mine was too extensive and I only had to act as a facilitator for the Equal Opportunity Program. That means I taught the workshops. Even that brought me in contact with too many ballbusting harridans.

I think we'll see the same mindset regarding homosexuals being openly admitted in the military.

Hopefully you're right as I'm as wrong as a football bat. But I don't think so.

Rick said...

Yet another blow to weaken the military so that the koranimals can prevail over them.

Cookie..... said...

Hey mate, you brought up some interesting and valid points like housing and religious sermons. Hadn't thought of those things.

To say the least, the next few years aught to be pretty interesting to watch. I also imagine that there will be those low-life, intellectually challenged(stupid) idiots who will beat these folks up simply because of what they are.

I'm reminded of a B-17 pilot who who's plane and crew were saved during an attack of Luftwaffe fighters by a P-51 fighter plane pilot. Later, the B-17 pilot met with the fighter pilot to thansk him, but that pilot turned out to be one of the Tuskeegee airman. The pilot of the B-17 was a "good ol southern boy" and absolutely refused to believe that a black man (not the word he used) was the person responsible for saving that plane and crew. He never did thank him.

Like I said, it will be interesting to watch what happens.

Subvet said...

Cookie, interesting indeed.

Subvet said...

Rick, from the very little I've read of T.E. Lawrence and his time as a Turk captive during WWI, the Islamists might welcome a few willing "travelers of the Hershey Highway". It seems Islam is downright forgiving of any believer who buggers an infidel.

ignorant redneck said...

We had Gays in the Army too. The ones who did their jobs and didn't make a point of their predilection for sodomy were well tolerated, even when known. But when someone was either flagrant, or outed, unit cohesion went to sh*t.

I one Cavalry Squadron I was assigned to , it got so bad that people would avoid the showers if anyone was using one. This was the result of the German Polisie investigating a variety of bad things, that led them to our Kaserne.

I got really bad, especially after one of the gays in the unit thought he had escaped the mess, when things calmed down, and raped one of his privates.

Subvet said...

IR, "...The ones who did their jobs and didn't make a point of their predilection for sodomy were well tolerated, even when known..."

Exactly. When sexuality isn't a major point of contention your average American servicemember has a very "live and let live" attitude.

But the initial passage of DADT set this whole scenario up. FWIW, back when it was enacted I told the wife nothing good would come of it. Wish I'd been wrong.

Cookie..... said...

Subvet, I believe you are correct about the average American having a "live and let live" attitude (a program concept).

Although you know my feelings about stepping into harms way for your country, and although I would hope that most military men/women would adhere to this concept, I can envision situations where an outstanding soldier with an impeccable record gets drunk one night on liberty and returns back and beats the shit outta an openly gay/lesbian soldier, AND, guess who gets the dishonorable discharge.

Like we've both stated, it is indeed going to be very interesting over the next few years.

BTW, for several years, while in CID/SEU (Criminal Investigation Division/Selective Enforcement Unit) of the PD, there was a male cop who most of us believed was gay (there were a number of openly lesbian police officers but nobody really gave a rats ass), and it turned out he in fact was. One night he came to the rescue of an officer who had put out a "signal 92", a distress call for Officer needs assitance. He literally saved that other officer's life and after that, nobody gave a shit about his sexual preferrence.

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