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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Going to Mass...

My youngest son was sick this morning so he and I are staying home while everyone else heads to church. It's just a precautionary measure, right now he's happy as a clam and seemingly healthy so if that continues the wife will pick up both up after Mass and we'll head over to the in-laws for a Christmas party.

Normally I'd just blow off going to Mass, feeling that babysitting my son provided sufficient excuse that I don't need to jump through any hoops on that score.

A few nights ago, at our men's meeting I heard a Filipino immigrant relate how he worked for a time in Saudi Arabia as an RN. There is no other religious worship besides Islamic services allowed in the Kingdom of Saud. So when this man wanted to go to Mass he had to break sharia law and find a clandestine service. It was so secretive that worshippers never had any idea where the next week's Mass would be held until it was announced at the one they were attending. Guess if you didn't go to Mass on any given week you'd have to hookup with someone who trusted you enough to divulge the information.

Anyway, this man thought it important enough to fulfill his Sunday obligation that he risked imprisonment for it. Prisons in the Arab world aren't concerned with human rights, especially the rights of foreign workers from a Third World country.

I'm sure you got the picture ten minutes ago.

I'll be leaving the party for a while today to find a Mass. Once there, I'll probably offer a few prayers of thanksgiving for the religious freedoms my lazy ass takes for granted.


Rick said...

I love the post as I am quite familiar with that situation. One cannot even have a Bible or a T-shirt with the name of Jesus there. It is just like Russia a few decades back. And as there are martyrs because of Islam nowadays, there are equally many confessors (saints who are not martyred) found in these migrant workers who remain true to God against all odds.

ignorant redneck said...

God bless this RN, and God Bless you!

Subvet said...

Rick, unfortunately you're in the minority as regards having information of that sort. Not too long ago I got into a free-for-all argument regarding Islam on another blog. It involved a female Muslim apologist and her useful idiot of a lib supporter. When I opined that Saudi Arabia allowed no Christian churches to be built the lib blithely asked why should they be as that nation was 100% Islamic?

Connecting dots wasn't too high on her list of achievements.

Subvet said...

IR, thanks!

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